Monday, April 20, 2009

Back on Track

This blog is about pregnancy, right? This last week has been difficult, in more ways than one. I seemed to have gotten hit from all sides; family, home and friends.

With all of this stress, my mind nearly imploded. My heart has been heavy.

Getting pregnant this month just doesn't seem in the cards. People say that stressing out about getting pregnant makes you not pregnant, well this time around, I'd about quadrupled the stress level with everything going on. The watch claims today is ovulation day, as does most of the charts I follow, but somehow my heart just knows it isn't this time. Maybe it's the lack of energy or happiness that I normally equate to trying to conceive. Who knows. During this two week wait, I may not have the guts to test everyday, no letdowns if I don't. I need a vacation, a much needed rest from this depression I'm headed towards. A day of sitting out in the sun perhaps.

In a few days, maybe I'll be back to the crazy two week wait death watch. For now, I'll relax and maybe enjoy a glass of wine at trivia tomorrow to calm my frazzled nerves.


  1. I am sorry you are down, but "death watch" is hysterical. That's exactly what it feels like.

  2. yeah, the down should leave soon, I don't stay down or mad very long. Doesn't the two week wait feel like a death watch...the slow death of your hopes for baby and the parade at the end with a period. Super fun!

  3. Don't you love that stress can actually affect whether you get pregnant? Makes the whole thing that much more fun!...but I hope you're feeling better soon. :-)