Thursday, April 9, 2009

In other news...

Sadie - the neurotic beaglette is going down hill fast. Her health has always been sketchy as we got her from a bad shelter situation. Lumps appear and disappear under her skin all of the time and she has some trouble holding "it" so to speak. This past week she started out getting dazed and unable to figure out how to get on the couch (her normal spot)....then she yelped when we touched her at all...and started giving us that pained look seen below. We were pretty sure this last weekend was it for her. It all happened so quickly and we spent much of this weekend babying her with love, giving her soft smelly dog food, and staying on the floor with her. Before we could get her into the vet, she started slowly improving Monday morning...wagging her tail and actually eating her dry food. Tuesday was better, Wednesday even more, but today is not so good. She's got that head down, don't touch me thing going on. The vet scares the poop out of her, and stressing her out just doesn't seem right at the moment. It's a hurry up and wait thing...we're just hoping for the best right now.

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