Wednesday, April 1, 2009

12 Days past Ovulation..

Most people would give up at this point. Lots of people would have tested positive already or decided this was moot and just dealt with the fact that it wasn't gonna happen this month. I'm just not one of those people. I really want to see how this one goes... hell, I almost bought more tests on the way home.

The worst part is that the symptoms I am feeling could be nothing more than a period on it's way. My boobs are sore, and EXTRA sore at night. I have been EXTRA super tired today, not tired enough for naps, but definitely enough to wish I could close my eyes for a minute or two. And, if you haven't already been put off from the sheer amounts of TMI (really? maybe we can find you another blog to read?) I've peed three times as much that I normally do on an average day. Anyone reading pregnant or been pregnant....ever had short uterine cramps after peeing? Just thinking into everything...

Sounds all too good to be true. I swear I will go bat shit insane if it's all in vain!

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