Thursday, April 30, 2009

Peeing on some money and other musings

I really wanted to post a picture of me flushing a dollar down the toilet, but I decided to save you all the visual of a toilet on my blog. Hell, if I was really awesome I would take a picture of me actually peeing on a dollar, but I won't because...well I'm not that awesome.

I've peed on two dollars so far - I could have gotten a large slushie for that. I know I know. It's still a little early, but like I've said before, this one is moot anyhow.

Thankfully, I've filled myself with fun things to do over the last few weeks as to occupy my time. The killers concert, trivia with friends, and last night....

I attended a taping of America's Got Talent. Mind you, I have never held an interest in this show, but then again I've never been to a live taping of anything so when my friend asked if I was available...of course I said hell yeah! I didn't have much hope for the talent pool of Tacoma/Seattle. I was corrected a few times, but the crazies were out in full force and during the booing and "x"s I almost felt sorry for them. It's like producers of all talent shows just love to show Seattle as Crazy Town. We had quite a few burlesque performers, one in particular I was really excited to see come out on the stage. My friend and I had seen her at the CanCan in Seattle for her bachelorette party, and let's just say, she's really good. Really good. She did end up moving on to the next level, so hopefully she'll do well and everyone will get to see her. I wasn't able to locate a picture of her or any information, but I'm sure in the coming months, something will pop up.


  1. ooh fun! Not the wasting money part, the live taping part.

  2. some of my friends are seeing the killers tonight in milwaukee!! woot woot!

    sorry about the 2 bfns...