Sunday, May 31, 2009

Grand Opening

Okay, so I think I may have this grocery thing all backward. I seem to be spending more money than I used to for groceries, but it's like crack...I just wanna save more and more money. I don't feel good unless my car is full of the a fix.

I start out the fun at Albertsons... boy I used to hate Albertsons with their lower height aisles and the magical "urine like" smell that always seem to permeate the aisles (anyone else notice this? no matter the store?) But, with all the amazing deals I just can't seem to get away from going there at least twice a week.

This week - Eight or so transactions (purex detergent is my new BFF, so cheap!)....$31.58

What I got:
(20) boxes Mac and Cheese
(4) capri sun boxes
(7) purex detergent/softeners
(3) V8 juices
(8) boxes of kelloggs cereal

Savings of: $79.01 or 72% savings!

Target and Clearance - like music to my ears! $35.23

What I got:
(1) lock for locker (full price, but needed it for work)
(1) Lysol Spray for .02
(3) Value Pack Hefty Garbage bags
(2) Scrubbing bubble cleaners
(4) Mr Clean cleaners
(1) eaten immediately bag of chocolate
(2) BBQ sauce
(2) Kashi waffles
(1) Shaving gel
(2) dog treats
(2) bags of litter

Savings of: $38.92 or 53% saved!

Also did a walmart run, but only saved like 16 dollars so not worth the extensive post....but I did end up with a 105 grocery tab at the end of the week for all stores...a little over double what I normally do. Ash has requested that I stop buying cereal, bbq sauce and mac & cheese..but I reminded him I have a young brother going to college soon and that we have the potential to donate quite a bit this year (maybe enough to claim on taxes!) so he changed his tune quickly.

I feel like I own a small grocery outlet at this point, I had to reorganize my pantry and laundry room just to fit it all! Makes you realize how much stuff we just store and never use...I feel a garage sale coming my way!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Oh yeah

I think I ovulated yesterday or the day before. I rarely gave baby stuff a thought this time around, not that it really will change anything anyhow. We'll see we'll see!

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A long day

Gonna post about groceries tomorrow, but just to update everyone as to my last few days, here's the review...

Baby tempie visited Friday, Ash was awake and was able to really able to see her for a bit. She got a bath in our sink and spent some time being a fussy 17 day old baby. Ash spent most of the visit holding her and was at ease doing it... I was jealous, I wanted to hold her too!

I had a doctor's appt, my first one where the focus was fertility. I wanted to find a doctor in my area that I could potentialy see through pregnancy and beyond. I think I found him. He walks in with sheets on fertility for me to have and was very honest and non judging about how long we'd been trying. Realistically, if we get to the year point then we'll start the testing, but for now he wants me to focus on eating healthy (and more) and gain a little weight as he thinks my body mass is low...21 and he'd liked to it be a little higher. He also asked if after he was successful in helping us conceive if we had an on and family doctor in mind, after I told him I'd love to stick with him, he said he was pleased, as he loves being part of the making of a baby and then be able to watch the baby grow. Swoon.

Omg. I hate the new generation of teens. They ransacked my store and started a fist fight, started a fire in the parking lot of another store, and broke glass and graffitied at yet another one. (sounds like a full on riot, but really just a couple thousand kids loitering at a mall for too long) All during some skate festival outside in the mall parking lot. My store is the the store people used to get dressed up to come to, today they walked thru it without shirts on and cursing. I got to be on escalator police duty today, it was really super fun and all day I went from being polite about it at 11am to nearly cursing back by 7pm. When did an escalator become a toy? Seriously.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

My review of my phone

Where to begin...

The iPhone. Just for you.
It's my lifeline to the world, the very existence of me from day one. This is by far the best invention on earth. I cannot even fathom going back to a regular flip phone! Standing in a long line, check email. Need a phone number, look it up without calling 411. Email someone instead of testing, brillant. Everything is easier because I have this phone, no joke.

Bad part. Dropped calls, it doesn't seem to have the same strengh of signal my old phone did. But for everything I get from this, a dropped call is nothing but a blip. There have been some issues with freezing, but a tech guy told me to sync it with iTunes once a week and it should be fine.

The apps. Amazing. Fertility charts, solitare, you name it, I have it!

Overall, I really suggest this to everyone as their next phone. Hell, it's replaced my laptop, ds lite, and mapquest for me and let me tell you those were my lifelines before!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Uncontrollable crazy

I'm at a class for my work and am having a little trouble controlling the crazy at the moment.

We go over some skincare and education over two days. First day is just discussing what our skin is like and the person above me likes to put me down constantly. I look young, but she likes to remind me that i need eye cream and that I don't know what I'm doing.

Plus it's a small line at my store, so I'm not as successful as she's like. It's awesome.

God, I love this job.

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Baby woes

Big family gathering Sunday and the introduction to life with new babies. The family was gaga, and I was able to get a few good moments with tempie. It was extremely trying emotionally to see my dad, who is hands down the one who yearns for grand baby most, hold her. A few comments brought me to a tear or two, I know no one meant it but sometimes no matter how you say something it can still hurt.

I must say that I never expected to find such a friend in my cousin...until she was pregnant we didn't have much in common. But, she is by far the most understanding and can just look at me and tell how I'm taking things. She's also the first to come to my rescue and help me get off of my lonely pity hill. During a rather fussy baby moment we snuck to a quiet room with baby and she did what only she can do best, make me feel okay and hopeful.

When I finally do get pregnant, I can't wait to share my experiences with her and look to her for guidance.... A new long life friendship has come out of all of this quiet rage of why me.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Forgotten purpose

In my quest for grocery goodness, I'd all but forgotten about my upcoming ovulation cycle. Now, not that I trust anything these days... but my assumption is that it still should be 14 days after the first day of my period. A period that was 8 days late and when it arrived was 7 days long... just to screw with me more. Am I right? If so I would be baby primed on Monday...shit that's tomorrow.

Guess I'd better get on that.

I did get to hold on to my beautiful baby cousin a day or so ago and placed her on my stomach trying to figure out how something her size could ever fit and I am sorely perplexed. It just can't be done, I'm sure of it.

One thing I did want to speak to is that my angst for baby and hatred of those capable of baby doesn't reach those whom I love (family and or friends) as their babies are just an extension of me. My cousin was so worried I would be hurt or that it would be painful for me to be around Tempie but it's not like that at all. I really only get upset at seeing those who take it for granted.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Stealing groceries using coupons

That's my new phrase for what I'm doing. Stealing groceries....using coupons.

It's a mixed bag when you walk up to check out at a grocery store or retailer, I feel all hot and worried that something isn't going to take, or that I'll deal with a nasty person. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. The best thing so far is going shopping late at night, I don't have the line backing up behind me and the cashier just wants to get back to stocking, so he/she doesn't care much about the grand total.

Friday was my big day. I not only get paid this day every week, but I have most of the morning and afternoon to get my stuff accomplished before going into my second job.
Here's how it ran down....

Target Trip - 41.00 total, 14.00 Paid
Target Trip - 70.00 total, 42.00 Paid
Albertsons Trip - 17.00 total, 2.00 Paid
Safeway Trip - 118.00 total, 49.00 Paid

One of the target trips included an end table for 15 dollars, so I don't really count that (it was 75% off, woohoo!) and I think with the Target discounts it doesn't take into consideration the price before clearance stickers, as most of that larger trip was clearance merch.

What I ended up with: a shitload of groceries.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Diaper samples

My quest before baby is to have as many diaper samples as possible so I don't have to buy any!

So far I've discovered these places to stock up.
-target baby registry
-babies r us registry
-similac's website

This of course is completely against my plan of no baby stuff before baby.. a little crazy idea that it can make it not happen! Of well, f that.... Money is talking and we will definitely benefit from saving up all of these samples for later.

I swear I will have a stockpile going soon!
Speaking of stockpiles, I'll post Saturday morning with my super Fridays shopping trip. It is amazing.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dead puppies

I woke up this morning after having a very strange dream. I found a box full of disease ridden puppies and kittens. These were very sick little creatures and I was trying to get them all in a crate to take them into the humane society. I woke up frustrated before I could get them to a doctor!

I have heard that dreaming about puppies or kittens can have something to do with pregnancy. God I hope that this isn't my body's way of telling me that my eggs are diseased ridden or something.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Grocery Games

This last week my budget was tight, I was paying out copays to doctors to determine if I was with child, so the grocery budget got a little smaller. Thankfully, I am now armed with a smarter "don't buy without a coupon" mentality, so it hasn't been nearly as bad as if I was still just throwing things into a cart and guessing what my total would be.

Best deals this week were definitely the coupons from and Target, I got 12 boxes of crackers and 2 boxes of snacks for $4.50. Although this deal is gone, it was just as good as the cereal, and we go through crackers around here like crazy. I also snagged free 3 boxes of hefty ziploc bags, 2 free glade plugins, and tons of groceries at Albertsons for 12 dollars. So the real total was about 20 dollars all together!

It was a good week.

Most of my coworkers are now asking for advice on this stuff. The good coworkers. I might start coming up with lists of the best deals from my searches of the internet and handwrite them out a list, printing them out some coupons I find as they both don't have computers. They want me to charge them a dollar. I might just do it.

Cool things I've learned this week:

You can go to Target and use their kiosk to print your target grocery coupons, saved ink!

Old Navy will be having a HUGE sale on flip flops this weekend, Saturday they are just a DOLLAR! I will be getting at least 5 pairs, if not more.

Ikea's sale this weekend is my best friend. I needed new curtains for my large 98" tall windows and they have them on sale for 9.99 for two (target is usually 29.99 for one, as is Ikea) and their standard chair Poang for 39.99 (regularly 99.99) that I wanted for the nursery. Yes, I said nursery....I'm breaking my rule of not buying anything yet, but its so cheap! and it's just a chair....I can use it elsewhere if I had to.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A brief update

I haven't posted in a week, well, since the mishap of being unpregnant took place.

Alot has happened in that short time, a baby has been born, I got a second job to help build up some savings and maybe the chance for a weekend getaway here and there, and yes...I've beat the stores at their own grocery game.

My cousins baby was born on Tuesday, she's perfect and I wanted to steal her immediately. Of course, it made for extra yearning and sadness that I had befallen the day prior.

A coffee shop I patron asked me to work a few days a week, my days off from my other gig...this will put me at working seven days a week, but what the hell. This on top of school and babymaking, I might be able to call myself legally insane soon enough. I hope all of this hobby stuff (school, grocery couponing, and work) will force my brain to think of other things besides baby. The biggest benefit is of course the extra funds, this will not only pay for the what now bills that find their way into the mailbox, but tires that are soon to come, school, and maybe even some weekend outing that we both surely need.

The grocery game stuff rocks, our pantry is getting full and we are learning to eat new things. I feel bad now when I buy stuff that is not on sale or that I don't have a coupon it's retraining me to focus on saving money rather then blowing it. I have some great pictures, but the overall savings is about 80%... I even had a few managers get the pissy eye at me when checking out! Pics to come.

I'll get back to regular scheduled posts, and new thoughts about this process (including the whole partner in babymaking woes) in the coming days.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

100th post

So here it hundredth post.
I envisioned this to be a much more vibrant, full of glee kind of a post. Unfortunately, both Ash and I experienced a wave of different emotions, from estatic and absolutely sure we were expecting, to crying and full of dread that this just isn't our month. I had a blood test on Monday, after having the biggest boobs Ive ever seen over the weekend. Although we don't have the results yet, my period seems to have started hours after the blood test. Ash is still hoping that the test shows positive and that this is just decidual bleeding...but my hopes have been throw into the disposal.

I am jacks bleeding heart.

I have that appt scheduled for Monday with a new doctor, hopefully well finally be on the right track with a doctor (and office) that actualy cares about getting us to our goal. We may hear from the old office with the blood tests results this week.. but like I said, it's pretty much a no in my book, and that's the hardest feeling to swallow.

And to top it off...

To all that filled my ears with "relax it will happen". SCREW YOU. I relaxed this last month in that there were other things stressful going on during my ovulation week, so we didn't focus on that...and guess what! We didn't get pregnant. Just because you got pregnant right away or by accident, does not make you the authority on how I should feel during this process. Spend a month in my shoes, I dare you.

To the one who made fun of my hopes and possibilty of being pregnant...FUCK OFF. If you were going to talk shit, you shouldn't have asked me about the whole thing like you actually cared. This is why nobody likes you. Just because we have to spend so much time together each week, I will tolerate you only with conversation about the weather and current news, if you dare ask about baby related topics, I swear I will cuss you out in front of everyone and embarass the hell out of you. Don't tempt me.

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Still here, laying in wait

Still waiting.

If you read my comments yesterday, you know I talked with my mom and found out that tests don't work for my type of people. People with thyroid problems... I guess there is a lot of people all over the Internet that have the same problem. Finding out at 10 weeks because tests didn't work for them, and some blood tests didn't work either.. A tlc show waiting to happen.

I am both thrilled and still unsure, I don't want this to turn out badly. I still feel I could be, still getting some odd symptoms I didn't even know were pregnancy symptoms. To continue my "list"...

That "burning" sensation- ok, it's not exactly like that, but it feels like a uti on it's way or that I need to go change a tampon. Tmi I know. But it's how this feels.

Boobs- big, then little, then big again. Veins totally visible last night, non existent this morning.

Holy gas batman- uncomfortable much?

Unhungry- never sounds good. Food that is.

Will hold off posts until results from blood test, should be Tuesday.

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Friday, May 8, 2009

An Upgrade

I've gone from peeing on a dollar, to peeing on 5 dollars since yesterday.

Still waiting for something to happen, and it certainly isn't happening in pee stick form.

I wish that nature had a way of instant pregnancy knowledge, like your thumb nail turning neon purple. Not only would it help us who are trying to get pregnant know a lot sooner, it would also bring down the instances of alcohol and or drug abuse, if you have a purple thumb nail, you don't get served at the bar type of thing. If this were to happen, I and thousands of others, could turn this economic crisis around on our own....with all of the extra cash we would then have not being dumped on pregnancy tests, we could go out and buy stuff. Brilliant.

I am fighting the urge to go and have a blood test done. To be perfectly honest, I don't want it to come out that I'm not's too close to my heart now. For those of you who think maybe this is just my imagination....your mind may be able to fake pregnancy symptoms because they also happen to be period ones, but 5 days late when I never am is something I can't fake.

If I went today and had one done, I would know in 4 or 5 days. That is just way too long for me. It might be the best way though, save the heartache every morning of one line smacking me between the eyes. I did my research yesterday....did you know that a small percentage of women see negatives on pee sticks until they are 8 weeks along! 8 weeks! Some at 12 weeks!

I would have to be one of those wouldn't I....? Couldn't go the whole normal route, gotta throw some kind of f*ing drama in for flair. Some even show negative on blood work. I would have thought these two tests of "are you" would be solid, apparently not. So even if I have it done, and it comes back negative, and my period doesn't show...I will still go around wondering could I. Thanks internet!

On a side note, this is my 98th post. In three months! Funny enough, you know I'll be posting tomorrow (99) and on sunday...(100). Look forward to seeing some more pee stick drama over the weekend. I really want my 100 post to be a positive, ironic being 100th (a celebration in itself) and being Mothers Day (better be positive...otherwise I'll be moping around sad, shaking fist in the air at the sky.)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wait for it...

I just spoke with the appt taker at that doctors office I want to switch to, the one with the free pregnancy testing. I made a new patient appt with a doctor who also does ob. The appt isn't until May 18th. Being that is so fat away I could go apeshit and become a recluse of the downstairs bathroom, peeing over and over again on tests and giggling all crazy like... I told her about my lateness. She suggested to wait just a few more days and then come in. 4 days late is too early for good results.

I had to be that person. The one that tests may or may not work for.

Thanks to my soul mate, the precious (read iPhone,) I've been able to track fertility with an app from I am somewhere between 15 and 18 dpo (starting to think I may have just ovulated late) and have been able to note some very interesting symptoms.

Hello girls- larger more sensitive boobs last night.

1point Af versus 1point pregnant

Damn I'm pale- veins meet my torso and lady friends.

1 point Af vs 2point pregnant

Who needs an alarm- new functional 7am brain. (started at 8:15, then 8, then 7:30, this morning 6:15.)

1point Af vs 2point pregnant vs 1point insomnia

Sitting now- walk up stairs, need to sit. Take shower, need to sit.

2points Af vs 3points pregnant vs 1 point insomnia.

I am Melissa's uterus- pleased to meet you. Oh that... I just wanted to pinch myself and make sure you were paying attention.

2points Af vs 4 points pregnant vs 1 point insomnia.

To be continued...

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Broken Down...

I did it. I started looking up "could I be" and "dpo testing results."
Hell, I even looked up due dates and how far along I'd be.

If you are wondering, it'd be 4 weeks and 3 days.....and January 10th.

I plan on making the trip to the doctor tomorrow, after taking yet another test in the morning. I'd like to know, as knowing is have the battle, right?

And - I just wanted to add that I love each and every one of you guys, I can't comment back but I really do read everything! Wish me luck tomorrow!

And it's still not here

Depending on when Ive read, or that watch... I should have ovulated on the 21st or the 20th. I don't know if that was true, I didn't really have any signs that I did. I am 14 or 15 days past at the moment.

The signs or symptoms I have had...

Waking up on my own before 7:30, very very out of the ordinary for me.

Sharp unhappy twinges near my ovary (I don't wanna know what possibly could be just yet)

A slight headache, could be the not sleeping in.

Really painful and restless legs, I worked out in the yard for an hour early last week... But this is five days later and my legs are so tired I have to take multiple breaks at work.

But still not pregnant says the sporcle stick....

A local doctors office that I would be using as my ob offers free pregnancy tests, I am just hesitent to go in because I don't want the wrong result, but I am close to breaking down to get this taken care of. If those twinges in my ovary area are what I think it is....I should get in for an exam anyhow.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Still waiting...

Still impatiently waiting for something, a sign I'm either pregnant or not. I don't have any period symptoms... but no cramping either. This shit sucks.

I did break down and test today, brand me the peeing on a dollar girl! Still a no.


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Day 31?

So here I am a few days late. I'm not going to get all excited because I know it will happen, my period will start as soon as I start envisioning baby rooms and diaper bags.

I am not going to test until friday, for one I need to save money and for two I just can't envision wasting another dollar on tests (that I don't have a coupon for. I am really embracing this coupon thing!). Bare with me while I sit on the "period egg" waiting to hatch.

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Another trip to Target...

Nothing like saving some money on my birthday...

Considering I have nothing to do tonight, Ash is at work, friends had homework (I did too), I thought I'd strike while the iron was hot and get some of the deals at Target.

Total before discounts: $45.73

Coupons $17.60
Gift Card Received $5.00

Total OOP $11.49
Gift Card Balance: $2.49

76% savings!

And we meet again.

Crazy lady made an appearance at my work yesterday. She's the one who predicted that I would be pregnant with a boy in may. She has since changed her mind, how weird coansidering it's may and low and
Behold... I'm not pregnant.

She now says I need brussel sprouts and hard greens. How bizarre.

I think I'll stick to reading my books and trying to eat more than just a candy bar for lunch. Thank you very much.

Off to enjoy my birthday.

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Last day of hope

So today is it. Tomorrow is d-day. Even with the small symptoms here and there, all hope is gone for April. Moving on.

I spotted again last night and I have a wee little upset tummy thing going on... but we did go out last night and celebrated more than usual. Two midori sours and a caramel apple martini, thank you very much.

It was a blast. Last year ended with me in fits of crying in the bathroom at home, this year I just planned my own function to keep the crying done to a minimum. (no one planned anything, and those who wanted to thought someone else was a clusterf&@$ for sure.)

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Reading Material

Another dollar down the toilet.

Pretty positive its not positive this month. Which is okay, I'm not that bummed out because I'm learning to deal with this monthly failure. Ok, maybe not learning to deal with it, but just I knew that this month sucked, so get with me next month and we'll just see if this "not caring" stuck. My money is on me being crazy.

The benefit to it not being positive is that I can actually enjoy a few drinks with friends tonight in celebration of my birthday at the Melting Pot (a fondue joint). I really love their apple martinis and a certain Riesling has been calling my name.

I did stop by Half priced Books and picked up some reading material on getting pregnant, I made a deal with Ash that we wouldn't get into this unless it took awhile. Well, in my mind of instant gratification, this is F-O-R-E-V-E-R. There wasn't a good selection of the "getting pregnant" variety. Books seem to teeter totter either infertility or expecting. Since I've only been trying for 5 months, I don't think I qualify to say that I'm infertile just yet, and clearly I am not expecting. Not to say that maybe we aren't infertile, I just don't want to look down that road too far unless I have too. I picked up two reads, Getting Pregnant and A Few Good Eggs (yes, an infertile book, but damn if it didn't look funny). I perused the getting pregnant book last night and it has some good ideas about diet and things that we (yes, Ash, you too!) should be working on. I'll report back if I learn anything worth while.

Grocery Scores

I did okay this week on the grocery thing. I actually fowled up at the Safeway here, I didn't buy enough to qualify for the 10 dollar coupon the second time around and kicked myself in the car!
Scored just a few deals in particular.

First trip to Target - 2 mayo, tp, cat food, and 2 cat treats - $10.59 after coupons, saved 49%

Second trip to Target - 5 boxes of Special K and 2 iphone accessories - $8.00 after coupons, saved 73%

Friday, May 1, 2009


Thought this was funny, filing it in the back of my brain as things not to do if we ever do get "with child."

False Hope

As I am not looking at pregnancy symptoms this time around, I thought I'd have it easy....I either am or not. But I can't fake a little spotting that happened over last night. I haven't had that before, but I know that it can be common before a period. I'm not trying to instill false hope in something that isn't there, but hell, I can't help it. I'm still new at this, which means I still hang out until the last possible second and swear up and down this is it. I've only been burned 4 times so far. There is still awhile to go before I hate getting up these four days before my period because I know it will start badly with a fat negative staring me in the face. There is still small glimmers of hope in my mind everytime I pee on that dollar, hoping that maybe this is the lucky dollar.