Monday, April 13, 2009

BreakOut Face

Giving that we have a few more days to the Big O, I thought I would enlighten you all with my current headache of sorts. (A blog is only a good blog when you are complaining about something, right?)

I work in the cosmetic area of a certain large department store. When you think of the cosmetic area, you think of working around alot of pretty people with lots of makeup on and 4 inch heels. Forward to my current craze, hormone driven acne face. It can be really irritating to try to sell someone makeup while they stare at my pimple mess. I have tried many a fix, from new skincare to different foundation, to no avail. Not only am I getting to the threshold of crazy with baby, I have now entered the same realm due to my face...

My list of duds include:
Shis.eido W.hite Luc.ent Cleansing Foam
Shis.eido Skincare Pu.rifying Foam
Orig.ins Per.fect World Cleanser
Orig.ins Orga.nic Face Wash
Clin.ique Mild Fa.ce Wash
Clin.ique 7 da.y scrub

The other issue I have is trying to match a foundation to my skin. I am pale. Makeup is seemingly not made for pale people. I need to find one that works soon, this isn't okay to show up with a line because my foundation doesn't match or newly dry skin from irratation.

My list of duds include:
Shis.eido Dual B.alancing
Dio.r N.ude
Dio.r Fore.ver
Clin.ique Eve.n Tone
Clin.ique Su.per Ba.lanced
Este.e Lau.der Dou.ble W.ear
Co.ver Gi.rl

If ANY of you have tried something that works, I will try it! I am not beyond spending a fortune coming up with something that actually works. I always loved having a clear face and even this is really driving me bonkers.


  1. Erase Paste is great. You can get it at Sephora.

    Also, my skin cleared up like magic when I changed my diet. No hfcs, very limited white flour and sugar, no soda. Lots of organics. My RE could not believe my skin, I guess because he usually sees PCOS women with a lot of skin problems. Frankly if I was going to have a PCOS symptom go away I would choose unwanted hair.

  2. sugar would be a huge commitment to change...see post about snickers. I am going to get Bare Minerals and give that a go per a suggestion from another blogger.