Saturday, April 25, 2009

Trying to Rule the Grocery Game

In my quest to find other things I can get obsessed about during this two week wait, I've tried to pick up good habits that could aid in reducing our bills. In the past, I tried out the grocery game and found that during the three week trial, I didn't actually get any real advice. All of the almost free deals or stockpiling habits weren't things we would actually use or eat, so it really didn't make sense for me to spend money on it just so I could save some. And the rebate crazy of Walgreens or Rite Aid weren't worth the hassle either. In the past week however, I found the website Money Saving Mom and am convinced again to give it a go.

I try to budget us $50 a week for basic groceries, although we tend to get extras during the week or eat out alot. I still need to learn how to make some basic meals at home, oh what I would give for a good basic meal plan.

This $50 budget doesn't really allow me to stockpile stuff, like buy 20 things of dish detergent because it's just 50 cents after coupons. So, I've decided to try this thing out on my own, find deals, work the system, and see what I can't come up with.

This is my first shopping trip that I am going to post, loaded with coupons in hand, I tried to get all my money's worth out of Safeway. They had a deal going on, when you buy their living well products, you got a $10 coupon towards your next purchase.

First Purchase:
Total Before $74.86
Coupons $16.75
Out of Pocket $42.27
savings of: $32.59 (or 48% I think)

I think I did okay, but it's really just the first go.

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