Thursday, April 23, 2009

How you got here...

One of the blogs I follow Conceive This posted earlier about Google Analytics, and I thought I'd follow along. These are some of the search keywords that bought me some new viewers from Google.

if i got period on march 12, 2009 when will i be fertile

Hell, let me figure out when I'm fertile first, then I can try to use my psychic abilities to help you. In fact, on March 12, I was done with my period, so really we have nothing in common....thanks for moving along and visiting me for one second.

girls from ames


foot in mouth

This one is not surprising. If nothing comes from Google search ever again, I can feel confident that at least I came up when 70 percent of my past life had been doing just this.


  1. GIRLS FROM AMES!!!! What the eff! I am so pissed, I want SOMEONE to read my snarky review darnit.

    I can't wait till Mr. is tied to the couch and I can force him to put that on my blog. I have tried and tried but I am just too painfully dumb.

  2. I didn't even write about that book, so I can't even fathom why it would lead a search to me. You wrote a review of it?

  3. Yeah, it was last week sometime. You can find it if you look down the right hand side of my blog at older posts from this month.

    I really had to force myself to read it. Ick.

    Weirdly, one of the "Girls" lives near me so I Googled Girls From Ames Reviews and mine did not come up. Cause I wanted to Tell The World it sucked, but I am not such a total A Hole that I would tell the people it was about that it sucked.