Saturday, April 11, 2009

Not too bad...

The baby shower really wasn't a super experience, but it also wasn't awful. My step mom was ogling after one of my cousins who is glowing with pregnancy (not the one the shower was for) and I can tell you that was the most painful part...watching her wishing to be a grandma. The baby shower was good, my other cousin didn't know she was pregnant until she was about 5 months along so there wasn't much prep time in ways of finances and planning for the upcoming babe. Everyone really put forth an effort to make sure she would have what she needed to start her new family.

I forgot my camera, which I always do it seems. I had found a great picture from Making it Lovely, where her sister had made decorations using a clothesline, pins, and outfits. Our version turned out well, less handmade items and more cute onesies, but I loved it. My cupcakes were a hit, I was worried but they turned out! Hopefully someone took pictures so I can post them here.

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