Monday, April 6, 2009

Welcome to Frustration.

Damn this OV watch. First the battery had to be replaced, it was a trial that really took about an hour of Ash and I working together came the crying fits of it not reading...finally at the point I was ready to throw it down and give up, I tried one last time, and behold, it started reading. The rough part now is that in order to get a reading at all, I have to tighten it so much on my wrist that it's uncomfortable.

After this first two days (barely in to the second day) I really have some major frustrations with the watch. It doesn't really read. Most times I check, it reads "not reading".. sometimes I get "skin too dry" after adding a little water to my wrist to move the sensor along (seriously, I moisturize twice a day). The thing I most worry about is that even after 14 days of checking over and over again to see if it is working, the watch will be a failure in my quest to determine when I ovulate.

Anyone tried this? Can you alleviate my frustrations and guide me to the correct way to use this damned thing?

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