Thursday, July 30, 2009

A whole lotta nothin.

Life is the same. No news worth posting here.

We did celebrate our 3rd anniversary yesterday. Some friends had made plans with Ash when I was gone and he had forgotten that it was our day, so we just did dinner with them and didn't mention it. The couple should have slightly remembered, the guy was the best man and all.

Seattle had it's hottest day on record ever at 104 degrees, which is crazy considerig just three years ago it was 63 and windy when we tied the knot (outside of all places).

As far as the pregnancy goes, everything seems to be steadly the same. I was and am experiencing some cramping that comes with over exertion. So much so that I emailed swoon doctor and had to get some reassurance that the world wasn't ending. He seems to think that everything is a-ok unless I have bleeding too....knock on wood that it won't happen.

While I was on my trip, Ash endured the record breaking temps and managed to find the colors I had wanted for paint in the bedroom and surprised me with a item crossed off our pre-baby checklist. Awesome.

Things left to do:
Painting downstairs
Hardwood floors
New drapes
New bedding
Stuff on walls
Bathrooms remodeled

All this before we start on a nursery!

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Some practice

As I have traveled down to Texas to visit with my new nephew, I can't help but feel like I don't know what to do when a baby cries. Because I'm pregnant, the jet skis and wake boarding that fill most of this trip are out, so I have gotten to spend more time just hanging out with danger.

When he cries, I don't have a clue on what I should be trying to do for him or how to fiqure out what might be the reason behind the cry.

So much to learn.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Safe and sound

Made it to Texas. It's nice to get together with friends and family. I haven't seen some of my aunts & cousins in four years, so it has already started out as a wonderful trip.

I was told I'd definitely get the start of morning sickness on the plane ride, but alas, I did not! It's funny that I just want one more symptom to appear to make me feel like this is going ok, but when I get that one symptom.. I'm going to want another one! Oh the irony!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Great post never made it....thanks blogger!

Seriously. This is pissing me off. I had written a long post about things and how they were going, and fuckty fuck didn't make it. But ironically, this one probably will. I don't have the energy to remember what I had written, but it went something like this:

-symptoms still the same.
-I am not getting anything accomplished lately.
-I have not yet created all of my odc lists of things to complete before a baby arrives, and this is unlike me.
-trying to stay positive and keep that positive energy flowing, maybe all of this will end up as a live baby.

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Monday, July 20, 2009

No news here.

Still cramping (and damned near freaked out about it constantly) and still not "feeling" pregnant.

I wish I had nausea or an ultrasound to help me curb this "isn't happening" feeling. So far the only sign I have experienced is tighter pants, which could be explained by my actually eating throughout the day instead of a one meal plan I was on prior. Not that I was actually trying to only eat one meal, it's just I was never hungry. Now. I get hungrrrrry.

There is so much to do around here, I wanted to get the house the way I wanted it before we got pregnant but I never would get around to doing any of it. There are walls to paint, furniture to buy, and stuff up on the walls (I know these are not requirements for a baby, but I know we'll never do any of it after).

After my trip this weekend to visit my new nephew, the one born last month, I think I will actually start to work on this whole "life changing in 8 months" countdown.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

A beating heart

I just read that as of yesterday, my bug has a beating heart. Even though he's just the size of a grain of rice!
It's hard to imagine but we are a crazy species!

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Damned blogger app

I've written 5 other posts this week that you never saw. In my app they all look great but if I didn't save and then view the blog to make sure it posted, good chances it didn't. Oh course these blog post took forever to write so here's the briefing cause I'm too pissed to rewrite them all!

- new appt - yahhhh! First ultrasound is on august 10th now! I am super excited!
- first wave of nausea - looking at a jello shot.
- only real symptoms - boobs and peeing, oh and some crazy lightning bolts of pain down my back.
- already need a belly band - my pants are starting to have that "these are seriously a size too small" look.
- wishing I could get rid of my cat, she is driving me crazy and the shear amount of animal hair in the house is giving me the hibbie jibbies.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Announcements and such

We were able to really surprise the parents, no one had any clue which was really awesome because a ton of people knew. We still had my fathers day card for my step dad so we forced a meeting with him and my mom to give him his "present". Included was a note to tell my mom we were pregnant, but he forgot his glasses so thankfully they got the hint when he opened the bag with bibs in it. Later, we met my dad and my step mom at their house for dinner and our job was to bring dessert. I had a cake make at a grocery store that said congrats grandpa and grandma and in tiny letters, march 16, 2010. We were able to last an hour and a half through conversation and dinner before I had to get the cake out of the box and show them. I set it down as my dad was eating and he stopping chewing once he read the words. It was really sweet and I'm glad we had this oppurtunity to finally surprise them.

Symptom checker:
- boobs small again, still sore
- Bumpy nipples. (if it's tmi- screw you! It's my blog! Haha)
-my torso is so veiny, you can roadmap my veins straight to my uterus.
-yawning alot! But not tired.


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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So we are pregnant!

It's early. But hell I would rather everyone knew than of something were to happen and have everyone still asking the "are you" question! My first beta was Tuesday and it showed at 83. Most tests up to that point pee wise were showing faint lines on Sunday and Monday so lower betas? I retest tomorrow.

I had to beg them to do betas for my peace of mind, they had scheduled me out for September 1st for my first ultrasound. No heartbeat appt or anything!?

I really feel like this still isn't happening and I'm going to wake up tomorrow with a period. My paranoia is on red alert (pun intended) and I am constantly on google trying to look at symptoms. So far I have a nominal amount of cramping that make me think my period is on the way and my boobs are still getting big...then getting small....then getting big. It's like my body is crazy.

I don't know what the process is, this is my very first and I am so frightened of what can happen, only because I know you all reading this have been there. I'll be looking to you guys for guidance alot so prepare for a bumpy (no pun intended) ride with me.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

So I was a little vague...

I fear some read this blog that I don't want in on the news (ie family) just yet but I pretty sure I've come down with what breeder beware has! I've an appt this morning to confirm my "sickness".

Once it's official, I'll stop being so vague!

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

A wee bit of a problem.

Just a wee one. And really it's not a problem.

A lot of thoughts going through my head and I just want confirmation this is real before I discuss any further.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Hanging out in the pit of doom

A pit full of bellies and babies.

I am waiting at my doctors office, at the one and only spot it seems to hang out for those blessed with babiness. I rarely go to appts after whatever infliction I felt is gone, but I don't want to deal with the ash tantrum again. So here I am, wasting a 20 dollar copay to tell a doctor I once experienced what will sound like a extreme case of ovulation.

It also is d day number two. I should have started yesterday or maybe today. I have this painful tumor in my head that makes me hold out in hope...when I know I should just stop by the store and pick up some damned tampons and be done with it.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

A day of reckoning

God. I hope I don't get my period today. I'd prefer if it was for a good reason rather than just being late.

My boobs are huge, like Victoria secret huge. Which is alot for my size b cup.

Early in the month, I experienced a week worth of really bad cramping near a ovary. Normally I would say it was just normal ovulation, but I had to stop in a store twice to sit down during one of those cramps. I had made an appt, but it was a week out and the day before the appt, I was feeling fine. Ash really wants me to see someone about it, and he threw somewhat of a man-tantrum thinking I could have something wrong with me or worse causing us to not conceive. So the appt is rescheduled for tomorrow to appease the ash god.

My heart goes out to breeder beware. I haven't seen the update yet, but she was hoping for a positive yesterday! Here's hoping!

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

A time for spending

I'm taking a few weeks off from couponing. Our pantry is full, we've got enough to live off for a few weeks without much need for groceries (just the basics..milk, bread, and eggs). I am on a spending craze. It really feels good to take a break and buy clothes and good yummy wine without a thought about coupons. I think this will be a good routine for me so I don't get burnt out on saving money.

What I have realized is that I tend to focus all of my attention in one direction at a time.... Baby... Groceries... Whatever. Now with the hiatus from groceries, I'm back to countdown to periodoom and the onset of boobwatch. Ah, what fun!

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Case of the crazies

Yep. It's back.

I am checking the calendar daily to see when I can test. Damn, what is wrong with me.

I haven't cared too much about the drinking or the diet of someone whose trying really hard to get pregnant, just keeping a little chill on that for right now. What I can't keep a chill on is the urge to blog about my symptoms or wonder if day 6 past ovulation is too early to test. I know the answer, I am just refusing to believe myself at the moment.

I appreciate my readers. Sarah, Celia, and Melissa... Just to name a few. Your comments are always loved and enjoyed, the only bad part about this whole phone blogging thing is the inability to comment back.

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