Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Project day

Or if you are my body...projectile day.

We had a great baby shower last night, making this thing about as real as it can be. My moms and ashs family went overboard and there is little left that we absolutely need. My plan was to organize it all today but my body has other plans...note to self, hot cocoa is delicious, but best drank when there is absolutely no chance of tossing your cookies. It didn't taste so bad, but i didn't make it a few times in my mad dash and made Ash stay far away due to the appearance of it all over the place.

Once my mind and body are back in sync, I will try and post more, but I can't promise how long that will take.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas is over...

I can't say I am not thankful it is. Stressful trying to get gifts people will like, the running around last minute and all day christmas visiting, and the time it takes to recoup! Ash and I were talking on the way down to see family, how a carseat would fit into a car full of presents, a dog crate, and two very anxious dogs. It's strange to think that next year there won't just be two of us, but three.

Madelyn had her own stocking at my moms house. Our stockings are labeled with baby pictures, hers was with an ultrasound shot. She received some sippy cups and hair bows. Later, at my dads, she got a Columbia vest and pink cameo jumpsuit from cabel.as (my dads fave place). She also got a blanket, some clothes, and toys. She isn't even here yet and already raking in the presents.

The pink vest really put ash into a "omg this is real" moment for some reason. Not the crib, the ultrasounds...but a pink vest. Boys are strange. He is also starting to understand when I am tired or don't feel well, I think he is really trying to taking care of me when he can see how I feel. He's even patting the belly unconsciously when I kiss him goodbye in the morning (usually he is still asleep). It's pretty adorable.

Speaking of adorable, my nephew danger is visiting this week along with his parents (my siblings). Omg he is amazing. Giggly and smiles all day. I think he has cried all of three minutes this week. I have never seen such a happy go lucky kid. I only hope our child is as awesome as he is. What a cool kid.

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Monday, December 21, 2009

My last post

Yes that was one of my many rants. I just needed to clarify that none of those comments are directed to people who actually know me. It seems I become open season to random people at work or that I come into contact with throughout my day. Because, well if you knew me, you'd know that I one hundred percent care about my child and would gain 50 more pounds if she would just gain one.

Just thought that clarification might be necessary as I am not here to hurt the feelings of those around me.

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Shut yo mouth.

Seriously. Why do people feel the need to express their opinion to pregnant ladies? If there is one thing I will learn from all of this is to keep my mouth shut and not offer my say in other peoples business. Lemme explain.

Pregnancy is different for everyone. So just cause you floated through the air glowing while pregnant 20 years ago does not mean I should be. Also, my pregnancy is not "hard" because I read too much or look up information....sometimes people have a harder time carrying a baby. I am not imagining the large ass veins that sting when I stand, or the newly added swollen ankles from working all day. Yes, I "read" my uti/kidney stone (whatever it was) into existance and my nausea until month six (knock on wood). So please...lady at work...I do not need your opinion and to be perfectly honest unless you are billing me 300 dollars an hour, I think I'll trust what my doctor and genetic counselor are saying before you. Thanks.

Random people - thank you for commenting on my size/weight gain/food preference/or guessing my due date for your amusement. I appreciate it. Yes, it's my fault that the baby is smaller than she should be because i am not eating enough or being off my feet more. Oh, and next time you comment on how small a pregnant women is...you may not know she has just gotten bad or disappointing news that her baby isn't growing as fast as they want and gets to stay on high risk, causing her to go into panic attacks about stillborns or early arrivals or hell, freaking out in general.

OF course...it's cause i am doing something wrong! It must be.


End of rant!

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Friday, December 18, 2009

12 weeks to go.

Or less. Really it's up to Madelyn. What's funny is I called my hr dept to get the packet regarding short term disability and was surprised at their "call us as close to 30 days before you give birth, then we will send you the info". Really? In my mindnumbing prediction of the future, I would be happy to call exactly 30 days before, but there is very, VERY little chance I will know this magical date prior to it happening. I just wanna know how the pay will work, I know it will just be pennies in comparison to what I can make working, but it would be great to at least have something in writing.

12 weeks. Crazy that I will be a mom, give or take a few weeks.

At times, all I can do is stare in wonder at how my belly is moving and growing a baby, other times I can only try and calm my nerves...trying to convince myself I can do this. The financial aspect, the sheer reality of this life changing experience, there are so many thoughts going through my head, it feels like it's expanding just as much as my belly.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yay for the third trimester!

Rounding third base and heading for home plate. This is all becoming so real and so quick! We were able to see Madelyn on the big screen yesterday, she is about 2 lbs and 2 oz and seems to be growing great. A little small (37% percentaile) so they want to keep watching...more ultrasounds! Which is both a good and a bad thing....we get to see her every 4 weeks, bad news is the sheer cost of it all! They forgot to bill our insurance for the first high risk one, we got the bill in the mail for 1400.00! Jesus.

I am really starting into the super uncomfortable stage, filled with leg cramps, waddling on a bad nerve, and stretching that almost hurts just sitting here. That uti cleared up so quickly, I am pretty sure it was actually a kidney stone. I've had one other one in my life and it was pretty painful, but once it was out, it seemed to go away.

In baby stuff news, I am lucky enough to have two cousins just finishing with their infant girl stuff and a brother with his infant boy stuff...being last in the bunch is also like hitting the jackpot! I helped out one cousin yesterday with her holiday cookies and walked away with bags of goods with the promise of more if I need it. How awesome.

So far the things I haven't had to buy -
A swing
A breast pump
An extra carseat (for Ashs car)
A sling (whohoo!)

Now if only I can locate a babysitting guru that wants to swap my need for Friday nights/Saturday nights for some weekday help!

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

An extremely long day

It seems that this kid wants to be an only child. Badly.

I can't even fathom putting my mind and body through a second one of these unless I am a stay at home mom that can put my feet up when I need to.

Today was no different. It started out like any other. Tired, crampy, uncomfortable.
By one, I was starting to get those question mark cramps that hurt enough to question if they were bad cramps or normal just harsher. It turned into painful, crazy cramps and .... Tmi coming...

Peeing blood. Alot of it.

I ended up at my doctors for a same day visit. I was glad to find out they were available on a Sunday. They confirmed a uti. Apparently what would normally have me crying and simpering non pregnant is painless when pregnant. I didn't even know.

The doctor did measure the baby and check the heartbeat. He also told me she is laying diagonal instead of straight up and down...which was cool, because I had thought that was how she was. She moved alot for him and he commented on her "good" viability which was comforting.

I waddled onto work and am just now settling into bed. This weeks agenda is super low key with alot of footrests and water in my future. We have a few things scheduled but I am hoping I can spend alot of downtime just relaxing. I am also hoping I can kick this bladder thing in the butt.
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blustery cold

15 degrees. That's the temp I drove to work in today. Which is funny becase I don't live in Alaska so I didn't sign up for this. This weather makes me realize that I may need a maternity coat to make it through this new "northwest style winter". We are used to semi cold, rainy Decembers with 4 days or so of snow. Not this no rain and windchills that rival Chicago.

The babe is moving and grooving. We were able to marvel at my belly as the punches came from everywhere. She is starting to get crazy active and no longer moves at a slow lovely pace but rather an all day fest. I passed the gestational diabetes screen with flying colors...take that old ladies that say sugar is bad during pregnancy... I love me some sugar and am and have been well equipped to process the fruit of the gods since my early days. Seriously, this author used to eat m&ms as an only source of nutrition for a good two years in college.

Only 99 days till my due date, and 8 days until the third trimester. How fast time has flown.

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

The holiday conundrum

Do I spend money on the nursery or buy Christmas presents? I need to get those wall graphics ordered but I still have most of my list to do for Xmas. Not to mention two...count them TWO speeding tickets I have to pay for. Man, that second job would have come in handy about now. I have the opportunity to help them out on the one Saturday I have off during this holiday season... It seems a shame to put that one day to work but it is also some pocket money. On one hand it's 40 bucks I would probably make, on the other it's just 40 bucks! I need more like 500!

Anyhow, enough of that.

Normally we spend a good deal on Christmas, clearly this year is going to be less but I fight the urge to just bear down and just get people what I wanna get them. Take my grandparents for instance, usually we go and get them something they don't need, so I have resolved to just buy them Frangos and be done with it. Frangos are supposed to be a great gift, but I don't know if they would be offended by the small gift.

This is why I am starting to hate the holidays. So much agony over selection of a gift, making sure it doesn't offend or show we care about them less. I want to just make candy plates and be done with it all.

Oh well.

Three more months till babydom, focus Melissa focus.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sweet sugary goodness

Prepare for a long post...I have plenty of time on my hands!

I am currently sitting here at my doctors office waiting for an hour to have my glucose measured for the gestational diabetes test. Or die-ya-beat-tes as that old actor from the commerical pronounces it. I drank the sappy sprite stuff and now it's the hurry up and wait portion of the evening.

If they would let us leave, there are a hundred or so things I could picture myself doing or items I could cross off my to do list. But they won't. Not even across the street to my mecca, target.

Before we got here, we had to return a Christmas Tree to costco due to a fire hazard burnt plug and our mission is to find a cheaper one at target, maybe using the rest of our new cash bounty to buy our remaining decorations we need for our house (stockings etc) or perhaps some diapers to add to the pile.

On the shower front, my mom has officially scheduled a small one for while our family is visiting during the holidays. I am thrilled to finally get the ball rolling. Not that I am a freak on the free present front... Just that this hiatus of buying baby stuff I have been put on is killing...no...KILLING my ocd need to get everything just in case this baby comes early. Cause that could send me into a sugar induced coma just on it's own, no need for a flat sprite that's 90% sugar to do that trick.

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