Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Cat...

I've introduced the's about time you meet the crazy of the house. Her name is Pita. Which stands for Pain In the Ass. We got her at 5 years old from Craigslist, as we wanted an older established cat to break us into the cat world. She was previously named Pita, and well that should have been a clue, but we didn't know what we were doing...we were cat virgins.

She came no outside time, I don't know that I could do an outside/inside animal with all the stuff that attaches to fur (GROSS!) I'm pretty sure she wants to be an outside animal, she crys at the window or at the slider when the dogs are outside. Bustah avoids her like a plague. He will sit still when she walks by, so at to pretend he's not there and maybe she won't touch him.Her first week, she peed on our expensive bedding as a way to say "I don't do litter boxes with doors on them, thank you for making me hold it for so long." Sadie was eating Pita's poop out of the tray litter box like it was a Cracker Jacks container with treats inside, which is why we invested in one with a door.

She went from only being on the third floor hiding behind the couch, to the second floor never leaving our bed, and now she rules the first floor and our only white hair magnet piece of furniture. Its only taken her 6 months to take over the house.

Her favorite past time is talking constantly. Again, this is all practice, right? Trying to figure out what something could be crying about at 5 in the morning... I'm just now learning the art of cat cry. It means get off of my chair, feed me, pay attention to me, open the window, wipe the drool off my face, and pet me. Yes, she drools... alot. Especially when you pet her face, I think she likes that.

Everytime someone comes over, I offer them a parting gift, a crying Pita . So far, no ones a taker, so I guess we're cat people.

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