Monday, April 27, 2009

5 more days...

till I can test.

I pre-bought some dollar store tests just so I can be a ridiculous crazy and test whenever I damn feel like it...hell it's only a dollar.

Symptoms this time around are few, it's not close enough to really tell and I don't think that PMS ones should be happening quite yet. Ash says I'm cranky, but I've been a little tired lately, and tired makes me super crank. Not tired in the "oh my gosh I'm pregnant" kind of way, just a little more than going to bed an hour before I usually do. I could have had some uterine cramping yesterday, but it also could be my imagination.

Who knows...we'll just wait and see!

EDIT: Just wanted to show the crazy and say I tested on day 8 past ovulation...and oh my gosh what a surprise, it was negative. Those tests were just taunting me....I was weak.

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