Monday, April 20, 2009

Crisis Averted...for now.

Although our vet was an airhead, we were able to leave with Sadie and what seems to be a truckload of painkillers from the vet. Swollen eyed and all, we were fully prepared to go to the vet with two beagles, and return home with just one.

We gave the symptoms to the vet, and she didn't say anything while examining Sadie. The vet was convinced we were lying (no screaming beagle as she poked and prodded at Sadie) and that she had just maybe swallowed something she shouldn't have....until they asked us to pick her up from the exam table and set her on the ground. Her yelps frightened everyone, they are blood curdling and can induce high blood pressure at yelp one. Suddenly the vet was more concerned. They did an abdominal tap and when no fluid or blood came out, she got another vet to offer a second opinion.
We don't agree with the verdict, but they decided she has some injury to her neck/spine and it would heal on it's own. "She must have fallen." There is nothing to fall from at our house, but oh well. Their best opinion- stock our hands full of muscle relaxers, painkillers, and steroids and see if this works. On the way home, we did decide that if she is as sick as we believe she is, at least she'll be comfortable over the next two weeks.

Tonight when I got home, she is much more animated than this morning and was wagging her tail... we can't really put much weight on her actions at the moment due to the medicine. Hell, I'd be running up and down the street with the amount of good stuff she's on. It's a new two week wait (both with Sadie and with baby) so this should be exhausting and all time consuming.


  1. My mothers dog did the EXACT same thing you're describing, and it was an injury to her neck/spine. After a few days on the muscle relaxers and pain killers she was as good as new.

  2. here's hoping! she seems to be a little better each day!