Friday, April 3, 2009

If Only...

While Ashley's little sisters are here, we tend to eat out alot. Case in point, what can be barely called chinese "Panda Express" (although quite tasty) is what we devoured at about 9pm last night. The girls have been nagging us about babies for about two years now, so Ashley and I have always been honest with them about the progress. They really want a niece or nephew now.

So, when we got to the fortune cookies, we all picked one out of the 15 they gave us and opened up. Mine is pictured above in the picture, the girls see this as a definite sign and promptly wrote their own to match below. Mine states: Any Doubts You May Have Will Disappear Early This Month. Theirs: Your Sister In Law is Prego.

I honestly couldn't tell you if it's true, as I didn't pick up any more tests last night, so I'll just wait until tomorrow to test and find out. Either way tomorrow is the do or die day, onto the next month of wonders and a new OV watch to try out... I just need to get a battery for it!

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