Monday, July 25, 2011

This is what happens with two kids...

Things get forgotten, or pushed so far down the priority list it's crazy. Take this blog for instance, 6+ weeks ago I blabbered on and on about still being pregnant. Now, look at me...I am a tired, cranky, and adoring mother of two.

I'm pretty sure one of the two sleeping angels is about to wake up so this will have to be short and sweet.

Lili came into this world on June 10th, after 8 hours of labor and 6 pushes. The delivery and recovery were much easier then my first was. Good gawd, nevermind just one much...its a million times much easier.

She came out with blue eyes that to this day are still perfectly blue and fair skin that will hate the sun just like her mother. It was awesome. My first, Maddie, is as olive and dark eyed as her father. People swore up and down we were destined to have a repeat of the same, I was happy to prove them wrong.

We did have some issues to deal with, it seems Maddie was trouble inside the womb and this kid is trouble outside. I'll discuss next post...there are some munckins that have awoken.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Are we there yet?

Oh dear gawd. Im still pregnant.

Let me confuse you.
40weeks 3days - last menstrual period.
39weeks 5days - conception date.
39weeks 0days - 8 week ultrasound.

I wish we had a bloody timer (belly button would be my obvious choice...mine pops out at like 36 weeks) that gave us an indication on when delivery is imminent. I am so freaking tired, it's ridiculous. I ended up finding out I was severely anemic which is better then preclampsia but still pits me against dizziness and pure exhaustion, added to the rest of the crazy list.

The phone calls have started, and texts, and Facebook "soooooo? Baby?" alerts. I really keep everyone up to date so I'm not sure why people think I wouldn't update immediately that my world had changed and an infant was brought into this world. Next person to ask gets a "yah, baby was born a week ago, doing great, thanks for asking!" and see if that answers their question!

Having left work so early, I'm freaking out over bills...but there isn't really anything I can do till this baby is born. My insurance will pay me a lump sum based on days admitted overnight, like an Alfa.c thing, but since I haven't had this kid yet, no money! Hopefully soon right.

I spent three days with blocks of time of full on contractions, getting as close together as 3 minutes, but since I know there is often a mess to go with it, I knew they weren't going anywhere. I decided against going into labor and delivery, now I regret it because it would sure have made things easier to go through least there was progress.

Hopefully by the time I post again it will be with a baby. Here's wishing.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

37-38 weeks

Depends on the date you go by...but damn, there is no baby yet. I had an appt today and no dilation, no effacement. Amazing.

I had to stop working as of Saturday due to extreme dizziness and my job not being interested in that can of worms if something were to happen while I was on the clock, so I am officially a stay at home mama until August.

I need to figure something out income wise, I am thinking about starting up a two under two blog but am unsure how the process is going to work with the whole two needy kids, especially in the beginning, but besides one or two blogs I've found, there isnt much information I can find. I think it would be good to get something going for those moms seeking it. Hey maybe it would make some money.

I don't know that anyone is reading this anymore, as I took off six months and then promised posts daily only to deliver once a week maybe, but hey...I'm trying to deliver a baby over here... sorry!

As we know no baby is planning on arriving this week, or in May in general...I have at least a week to come up with this new blog and maybe even play a little in the rain with my daughter since there is no sun to be found around here in the NW. We shall see!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

35 weeks

This was one busy week, my birthday and mothers a baby shower or two to attend (only one was for me). We started off the week with a bang! I was out to lunch with my brother and SIL, maddie was sitting on my lap because she was being feisty and decided to arch her back so fast she fell off my lap and onto the hardwood floor of the place. 10 minutes of crying later and we managed to gain the attention of everyone there She also spit up from all the tears, not a concussion, but just from being so upset so i had the eyes of many staring down the girl who already looks too young to have one kid, let alone another on the way. Thankfully later that night we made up for it with a marvelous trip to the melting pot for a big birthday dinner...I only say marvelous for the food, because for how often and how expensive this place is, the service this time was below kosher. It's a fondue place that we normally visit for the happy hour, but did the big dinner with about 6 of us being that it was my 30th. The waiter sucked ass, but the food was worth it and I went home feeling more like an overstuffed sausage casing than a human.

Our weekend seemed to get better. We had a mini sprinkle shower since this is our second, so close together, and another girl. My mom did a great job and we are now well stocked with enough formula and diapers for the first few months of life (those same months I will be incomeless, so although I am not religious...we were really blessed in that regard). What a huge weight off my shoulders!

The new toddler room is nearly finished. I'll have to post about that separately. I have some reviews on what we got...enough of a complaint to consider starting a blog solely for reviewing merch. Again, feels good to be complete in that department. I took maddie into the room after the dr sues.s decals were up and she just kept giggling and pointing to everything. I think it's a hit. I just hope she's ready for a toddler bed.

So, 4 weeks by my doctors thoughts and anytime in my head we could have ourselves a baby. I get long bouts of contractions and swelling when I overdue it. Plus this kid is killing me with the movement around my cervix. I imagine its due to the breech position, still getting monster strong kicks to the vaj all of the time!

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Monday, May 2, 2011

34 weeks

Yay for more uti pain!

I think we can count this number 5 or so in this duration of pregnancy. It's causing crazy amounts of tightening and contracting when I am at work so I'm pretty much useless when there. My kidneys also kill like a mother when I stand too long. I went into urgent care on Saturday rather than the l&d and had a very kooky doctor. He mentioned I'd be induced early and I asked him to clarify, but he made a zip motion on his lips and told me to talk to the doctor today. Needless to say the to do list before baby comes is looking a bit more urgent these days. I am currently waiting on dr dreamy to come in so I can ask what's up. I don't know how much longer I should be working as it's pretty painful even for only a short time each day. The hubs is now getting nervous about taking a trip when I'm 36-37 weeks...I could have told him that (and probably did tell him numerous times it wasn't a great idea).

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A barrel of good ol times.

Maddies fever eventually went away. Although she cut two back
molars during that time, I think she actually had a viral infection. Her fever lasted three days at 102-103 degrees, but she had no other symptoms. Then when it broke, she had a heat rash all over her trunk and on the back of her neck. I dr googled it and there is a very common viral thing that is called the "three day fever" or roseloa (sp?). It happens to alot of toddlers and infants. I'm just glad it's over. Nothing like wasting a 20 copayment to figure it out on my own days later. Ha, bladder infection!

In new baby news, I just have 6 weeks left, if not less. Last time we had everything ready to go at month 5... This time I think we may have a pack of diapers around here somewhere. At least I have a list written down, but half I can't do (paint, install items in maddies toddler room so baby can have the nursery) and the other half I can't afford to do so that's awesome. At work, we all bonus at the end of the month if we exceed our goal which was great until they started raising the goal so now we no longer bonus at all. This started about four months ago and decreased my income by 30%. Now, I'm on decreased work time due to my leg, so that's another 50% decrease...let's just say I'm ridiculously broke now. All in the few months I was planning to stockpile the freezer, buy baby things, and pay a few bills in advance so I'm not stressed out while on leave. No fmla or short term disability pay while I'm out because it's a newer job (started pretty much at 6 wks pregnant)...I totally regret that now.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Hots and tots

I've been Mia (already I know) because maddie has had her first fever. It scared the living bajesus out of us when it hit 103, so we got into the doctor within the hour and they could give us no explanation. No teething, no ear infections, nothing that would indicate a fever should be there. We have been chalking her full of tylenol and dealing with her grumpies. She still has the fever, if it's persistent and around on Monday we get to take her to the hospital for a clean catch of pee to see if it's a bladder infection. Mama has apparently passed down only the best of her good genes.

It hits at the most glorious time as we wanted to head out of town this weekend for a quick little r and r before baby two hits town. (6-7 weeks left...Omg!)

Here's hoping that the trip goes relatively trips to l&d or ers!

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Monday, April 18, 2011

This pregnancy sucks

So now that we've gone through what's happened with Maddie and the joy/scare of a new pregnancy, I believe its time to be absolutely truthful about this pregnancy.

It stinks. Had we known the complications that would hit me like a shit ton of bricks in a 2nd pregnancy, we likely would have chosen to have an only child or hire a surrogate or adopt, anything other than being pregnant.

Besides the normal morning sickness and heartburn, which is nothing worth discussing in all it's normality, I have been laid up with all types of fun body issues from month 2 onward. The painful varicose veins that could compete with my 80 year old grandma's started up and are the most heinous part of this pregnancy. Only on my right leg (weird) they start at my toes and are all the way up to my uterus. My ankle swells to a baseball of spider and varicose veins if I stand on it for more then a minute or two and causes my leg to turn purple, plus the stinging of needles...painful painful needles. I was able to get some prescription support hose that help with the pain and keep me working, but nothing takes away how amazing my 30 year old leg looks. After my 6 week postpartum checkup, I will be meeting with a vein surgeon to fix the harden veins that riddle my leg.

And then there's the blood peeing. Somehow I don't have any uti issues, but about once a month I pee straight blood and end up in labor and delivery with bladder cramping. The doctor says it's just part of my awesome pregnancy issues that should go away after the baby comes.

I also measure small again, so ultrasounds are aplenty in this household. So far I've only been able to gain 12 pounds, but the baby is measuring fine so all is good there.

There's more, but damn I'm tired.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

When I've been continued...

So on to the majority of the last seven months or so...

Maddie got her first two teeth in the same day at 6 months, and has continued on this pattern for any new teeth. This is kinda nice because we only have to deal with teething for a few days here and there. So far she has 6 teeth.

She crawled at 9 months, and walked at 11 months. We are currently learning how to crawl up stairs so mama doesn't have to carry her.

No more bottles, no more formula! We cave on the binky abit. She didn't have much interest in it, but she is a tough girl to put down for naps and car rides so we have created a bit of a monster by offering her the binky as a pacifier during those times.

Still working on words, she has said bye in conjunction with waving once, and says mama but it means a variety of things (I want, I'm sad, I'm upset). Doggie is really her first true word, she loves loves loves our crazy psycho dog Sadie who tolerates her because of the food droppings she provides. We thought our lovey boy beagle would follow her and be her best friend, but he wants nothing to do with her and has twice growled at her when he has been tired. My thought is to get rid of him because I don't want the risk, but my hubs is sure it won't be a problem.

Maddie really is fabulous. She is beautiful and funny and a handful all in one. This is by far my favorite age as she squeals with delight and smiles most of the time. pregnancy thus far.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Well, I barely made it...

Thankfully, and only in this circumstance, heartburn kept me up long enough to fulfill my promise to post each day.

So, where to begin...

Probably best to fill you in on the last 7 months. My last post was announcing the adventure of another being added to this little family. How it happened I have no clue... We tried and tried for Maddie, yet somehow got pregnant when we had only DTD twice in the month (hey! We were busy!) and charting it to not get pregnant. We were on a little vacation to Texas and I was expecting to enjoy some margaritas by a pool, not buying pregnancy tests and wondering why my period wasnt present on the trip. The hubbs and I were not originally thrilled, it was alot of oh shits and omgs. I had been pondering moving closer to home with my job, maybe with clin.que, maybe not. I just decided to take a position with another company during the So the timing was wayyyy less then perfect. Plus we had a 6 month old. A 6 MONTH old! A teething, almost crawling ball of energy.

Plus, my body hadn't really recovered yet from trauma number one, which as this pregnancy progressed, became more and more self evident as it's taken a whole new life of "whoa is me's".

To be continued...

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dear god it's been fo-ev-er!

Although this is not that post, I have decided to come back from the brink of the death of this blog. My plan is to post everyday, delurking from the blogs I check and read every morning and night, and try to use this as an outlet for my new crazy adventure (two under two anyone?).

For now, I leave you with some images of my current goingons.

I'm back tomorrow, full force!

Taken last month at 7 months pregnant, yep... With a one year old to boot!

That adorable one year old...

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