Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Someone is a month old.

And currently getting crunk off her bottle of formula.

We reached a new octive at the doctors office yesterday....during her hep b shot she screamed a higher pitch then we had ever heard!

Madelyn is also a chunky mcchunkster. She weighed in at 10.5 pounds, 90th percentile. No wonder she doesn't fit the newborn size anymore. The doctor okayed us letting her sleep and not waking her up to feed saying "clearly she's not hurting for meals!". Does this mean more sleep...perhaps! I wasn't thrilled with the new nurse, who told me we'd need to give er tylenol for the shot and responded mama doesn't know best when I mentioned I didn't want to give her meds she didn't need. Pisser off lady. Guess who didn't get painkillers for a SHOT when we got home and didn't make a peep when I tried to poke the area to make sure she was fine...someones got a strong little girl and mama does know best, thanks anyhow.

Major milestones:
Tracking objects
Rolling to her side

Drumroll please...tmi coming!

Not only is it her 1 month anniversary of birth, but mine as well (ash too...I guess!). The pain is still fresh in my mind and I am still swollen in my nethers (seriously, how do people go to work after 2 weeks!). I am hoping it tames down before the 6 week mark. Ash is biting at the chomp and I am scared out of my everloving mind at the sheer thought of sex. If I can't walk around a lake without throbbing, how am I supposed to enjoy the naked time. I need to decide on a birth control option, I was thinking mirena, but I know some people don't like it. Plus we are going to try for a second when she's about 9 months so do we just cross our fingers before that and not worry about bc?

Reminder to all - website is changing! Send me a comment so I know to contact you with the new address. Thanks to those who have already done so! Love ya!

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Monday, April 19, 2010

New blog

Welcome! As of may 1st, this will be my new outlet for ranting and raving! Thanks for following me over from my old stomping ground!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

4 weekers

Or is it a month? Do you count the date (21st) as the "birthdays" for the first year? I am so used to weeks versus months at this point.

Madelyn is growing and growing. We don't know her size as she has her doc appt on tuesday. We've been struggling with her some nights but most nights are great. Friday night was ridiculous. She screamed bloody murder for 6 hours. Ash was a dreamy husband and made me go to bed so he could handle it, by the time my shift came she had fallen asleep from exhaustion. Then Saturday night ash had to work and I was scared how it would go, but she was angelic and peaceful. I had to wake her to feed twice but she quickly went back to sleep after.

She is cooing and smiling. We have yet to capture her giggling in her sleep but she does it often now. It's amazing to watch how strong she is becoming. It's pretty awesome to watch her change everyday.

Reminder to read my first post from today! Blog is changing on may 1st. I will only be telling those who comment here what the new site is. Thanks!

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Blogery issues

It's time to move the blog. Too many realworld people know the address, and I can't be as honest about my feelings without getting them twisted and slammed back in my face. Thumbs up to you! (not YOU but someone special!)

If you are interested in keeping me company on another webaddress/blogname, please leave a comment with your name and your blog (time to update my whole page including who I follow!)

Any suggestions on a platform to use? Blogger has an iPhone app, but I almost want to require a password so this crap doesn't keep happening. Would you all still read?

My changeover date, projected of course...I do have in my presence a demanding infant, is may 1st. So you all have until then to add your name! I will email all commenters with the new site address!

4week update later, got to change a diaper! Yay for poop!

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cranky mcfussypants

8pm to 3am nonstop crying. Nothing fixed it. Nothing.

Ash made me go to bed at 10:30 so I could handle her for the second shift (4 am to noon) so he can stay on his work/sleep schedule. I didn't sleep cause of the crying. I don't know how he did it. I would have cried right along with her. In fact, I did, which is another reason I was sent to bed. I was stressing him along with her.

I hope this isn't a sign of colic. She only did this for an hour the night before so I don't see a pattern emerging. Dear god let it not be colic.

Poop face.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Wearing my emotions

This week. Madelyn has been slowly figuring out my buttons and how to push them. This is all payback for my teenage years towards my mom, I'm sure of it.

Although she is doing great with the formula now, pooping regularly and experiencing alot less gas than before... We are struggling with the crying for no reason. And by we I mean me. My boobs and vjay hurt when she cries, it's mindblowingly stressfull for me. You go thru te checklist and everything is kosher, but she cries anyhow. Not a colic 3 hour long cry, but just enough to make you sweat.

Ashs work is becoming more demanding, so I roughly get about a two hour stretch where he is available to help some days. Those are the days I swear I am in the beginnings of post partum depression, and ash thinks it to I know he does... But in reality those are just the harder days and for the most part things are relatively calm on that front.

I need to start writing down her schedule now that she is closer to four weeks. Not my schedule, mind you, but her timeline of happiness. I downloaded a few apps but nothing suited my fancy. I wish I knew how to develop one. Maybe we'd become rich and I could be a part part time worker and enjoy my daughter instead of working full time.

Speaking of moola. Damn this week has sucked. All of the baby bills are rolling in, 1000 just in ultrasounds! I think we are right around 2500 which wouldn't be a huge deal normally...we've also got to pay back takes on an oops we just got audited on (a real oops, not a fake "oh I forgot it wink wink") and taxes that were due yesterday. I still need tires too. Fun fun.

Total "I wish we could win the lottery" this week- $4500
Looks like I might be returning to work a bit earlier than planned. Awesome.

Photo is of her demonstration of strength for daddy.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Three weeks and then some.

Man o man it's been a week.

We've dealt with food issues, explosive diapers, a baby that slept nearly 22 hours one day and barely 10 hours another!

Madelyn is really starting to change and grow before our eyes. She is holding her head up a little and starting to really focus her eyes on us when we talk to her. She's already out of newborn clothes, but the 0-3 are just a wee bit too big.

We have found a home for pita, that is if craigslist is good to me and the person actually shows tomorrow. It's pretty difficult dealing with a cat that tried to trip me while walking with a newborn down stairs, two dogs that need out, and feeding/changing that newborn while a cat cries at me and gets on the last nerve that is already dangling from lack of sleep and food.

Ah food. That thing I don't get until about 4pm each day. Gotta feed her, put her down for a nap (ha! I mean NOT put her down or she wakes instantly) and then try to take care of the house one handed until ash wakes up around 1pm to help. I forget to eat and then realize I'm dizzy! Gotta start taking care of myself! Madelyn starts again! Cries from the swing. Today is 20 minute nap day...please don't let this be a normal occurance. Please o please.

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Awful mom and two week update.

As her two weeks was on Easter, and we were hosting 12 or so people at our house for the day, I never got around to getting the two week post up.

I definitely overdid it that day. I am feeling much better, but make me stand for over an hour and it all comes back in full force. Everyone had a good time though and Madelyn was a hit. It was worth the effort, mess, and pain after.

Madelyns jaundice is gone. She is a perfect mixture of ashs and my skin tone. Her hair is super fine, but alot of it, with red highlights hidden in the dark brown (just like mommy). Her eyelashes are filling in, I am excited to see them...ash has the best lashes ever.

After switching her to half formula, she started getting terrible gas and staying up late very uncomfortable. Saturday I had enough and switched formula to a sample of soy I had that listed gas and fussiness on the label. I know soy can cause constipation, but she still gets breastmilk (which cleanses the system) so they counter each other. I don't know how long the breastfeeding will last, I tend to pump/feed her every 5-6 hours, sometimes longer in between at night. It's just soooo much easier to give her a bottle or let ash feed her so I can sleep. My milk will probably dry up soon because of it, but oh well.

Her umblicial cord is dangling now, it's not totally healed behind it so I am not sure how to take of it. I know it's not painful, but still looks gross. Any suggestions?

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