Monday, September 28, 2009

A new idea comes to mind...

Dr Seuss is soooo hard to locate and trying to find fabric is ridiculous at best.
I think we are going a new route, now to just get Ash on board.
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yep more whining

Throwing up like crazy.

Now, migraines. Super.

I am trying not to overdose on the tynelnol, but jesus.

I am hoping the doctor has a remedy in mind when I go in on Thursday for my monthly yep, still pregnant appt. I am thinking I may try a chiropractor or the acupunchure route.

I have been lucky enough to not feel like too much crap at work and most of my worst days at home.

I am starting to get on the get it done bandwagon. We are going to try to pick out the paint color and starting to buy things here and there. It was pretty cool to find out ash has been hoarding some funds for the delivery, one less thing to worry about.

We also looked into the GET program, where you pay monthly towards college from the babys first year. This clutches the pricing of tuition on the year you start too, but damn it's expensive. 350 a month, we were not expecting that. But, it is worth it. And by the time the second one comes around, it will be 700 a month well spent so we don't have to worry when the bill comes due for 4 years of tuition.

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Friday, September 18, 2009


Baby bug is 100 days old. This is huge.

The bug (which I am fully convinced is a boy) is breathing fluid, moving and summersaulting, and is now the size of a big ass orange! This begins the week that some people can feel the baby move inside, most second time moms and skinny ladies (so says the forums) so me being the latter...I am just waiting oh so impatiently.

Mom is wincing when she can't find her belly band to wear her jeans, hungry but not so hungry she could tear someone's limb off, and still with the nausea. Thankfully I haver thrown up since Wednesday, but damned if I didn't think it was going to happen at least three times yesterday.

I tried to buy something for the baby yesterday, but clothes and dodads just seem trival. Plus I know we will be overrun with those things after a shower or two so I can't justify wasting money on them. Should I start stocking up on diapers or save for something big? My bank has the keep the change savings thing, I should be able to have enough for a crib by December with my shopping habits. But I know the diapers/formula are going to be more neccessity come time when I no longer bring in the bacon during leave. Only problem there is that I have heard some babies don't like brand a diapers or brand x formula. I plan on the boobie feeding method, but there isn't a comfortable place to pump at work...not to mention the 3 out of 4 people I know who tried all had their hearts broken when their milk dried up earlier then they wanted.

Decisions, decisions.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

No more Mr. nice guy

The baby has taken over.

Dear bug-

Please stop making your mommy throw up. You must be confused with your age as you should be past this stage by now. Your mommy is supposed to be glowing and eating and eating some more... not sick!

I promise I will give you a puppy, his name is bustah and he will follow you around as soon as you get here! Just no more puking.

Love -
Projectile vomiter/mommy.

Seriously, throwing up at work was my last straw. I need to work and don't have any sick time left for this.
Plus I now can't even fathom eating at subway anymore, thanks kid!

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Just checking in...

Pictures of baby gas belly and newest ultrasound!

On Wednesday I had the oppurtunity to see the baby and finally hear the heartbeat (150 beats per minute, thank you very much!). It's amazing how in four weeks it went from looking like a bug with wings to an actual baby in there. Still surreal but much easier to think of my expanding gas balloon belly could actually be a baby. He moved and flipfloped so much that very few pictures and video actually came out the way we wanted. Every detail from his nose to his toes was visable.... God. How cool is that!

Symptoms currently unmining my normal life:

The inability to keep the house clean cause I am too lazy to do it when I get home.

Cancelling on friends due to nausea and or tired ass legs.

In general not being hungry for anything in particular, nothing sounds amazing so I have to force myself to eat something.

No motivation to get anything done. Wedding shower I'm throwing Sunday night....yeah, I will get on that tomorrow.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Throw up city

It finally happened. Threw up this morning and good gracious, it hasn't really ended. I am just waiting this out. We are at week 13 now...or as far as what to expect says we are IN week 14. Craziness. I am hoping this nausea goes away soon. Most reference these weeks as when it goes away, so because I got it late, I am assuming that it may go away by week 16.

Good news this week (amist the projectile food distribution career I have acquired) is that my mom is hooking me up with an ultrasound tomorrow. She works at a doctors office, gastrointestinal I think, that has an ultrasound machine there. As she will not be making any of the appts up here, this will be the only oppurtunity for her to see the baby. I only have two ultrasounds this whole pregnancy so I was willing to jump on that bandwagon. Hey, it's a free ultrasound so I am all about that. Ash isn't able to go so I am a bit disappointed, so is he.

Another cool moment, which technically hasn't happened yet is that ash is up for going to babies r us and registering today. It's a bit early, but his mom would like us to pick out the things we want now. So off we are heading, we will labor thru the big stuff and I can add small stuff later. Thankfully without the gender we don't have to register for clothes, which in my opinion, people don't really follow anyhow. They will buy things they think are cute regardless.

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Friday, September 4, 2009

What food aversions?

Before pregnancy, you'd have know me as the most ridiculous picky eater ever. Milk more than two days old tastes funky, expiration dates were gold to me and followed to a tee, and some textured foods were never to touch my mouth.

Now, dear lord, now.

The lists of what not to eat while pregnant seems to not be on my mind...ever. Things like lunch meat and tuna, expired cans of pumpkin, it's all good in my head even when I know it may not be. It's like I am tempting fate, but my cravings and need for nutrition see past all of these things and do it anyway.

I've had this argument running in my head for days. Lunch meat is actually considered dangerous for everyone, pregnant or not, and is supposed to be heated. The bacteria can just possibly make you sick and then because you are pregnant, you get more sick potentially. Lunch meat makes up roughly four out of five lunches in my week normally and its been a tough road to find anything to make up the nutrition I need throughout the day. And the tuna, which I totally understand, I just have tried to limit my intake to once a week. Caffiene...don't even get me started on how many different amounts seem to be okay via some study, again all I can do is find a reasonable amount that cane keep me from a migraine and move on with my day.

But seriously, women did more crazy shit and put worse foods in their bodies then I have. And I go totally mental over it...when really all I need to do is relax.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why hello paranoia.

My 4 week checkup was scheduled for next week and we were to hear the heartbeat then. Somehow the lab had scheduled my first ob for today and when I called the nurse to cancel, she said just come on in today.

The appt went alright. All is well but he couldn't find the heartbeat with a Doppler. I am only 11 weeks and 6 days so this is supposed to be normal. But instead of getting to come in next week, the doctor just wants me in 4 weeks. So...I have to wait 4 WEEKS to make sure everything is aokay with the baby. So get used to paranoid Melissa and her tyrant woes about not hearing a heartbeat and having to wait 4 more weeks to hear it. 4 weeks. Motherf'er.

He did say the nausea makes him feel better because we know things are still moving along. I am glad he feels better, but this gal doesn't.

Oh well. Dammit.

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