Friday, January 29, 2010

Under pressure

Da da dum dada dumdum.

(the song is in my head, sorry)

Last night and this morning have been massively uncomfortable. I can't tell if it's her head, hands, or feet...but something is scratching up and down my cervix like a cat on some curtains.

It's enough to stop what you are doing and almost drop to the ground. I remember having a few of these last month, so I don't think it's labor related. Googling it just comes up with some crazy crap so I can't trust anything from there.


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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So i really meant the day after tomorrow...

Yesterday was a mess. Literally.

Bustahs little neck injury was turning into a big neck injury yesterday morning. He wouldn't go outside for his morning routine but managed to crawl up the couch to lay down next to me while I had breakfast. All was well, but he suddenly got uncomfortable and got off the couch and hopped to a corner. It took me a second to realize he had peed all over me and the couch (and himself). I was pissed (ha!) but also super worried about him. After waking up ash to give him a bath, all 50 pounds of him I can't lift and carry up stairs, I wiped down the leather and cleaned up his oops. Nothing like a little baby practice to start the day.

I spent the rest of the day grocery and target shopping. Target has some crazy baby clearance right now. I picked up a play yard for 60 and finished getting some "necessities" for after. I love going through a checkout with hemmoriod pads and stool softeners. Makes you feel awesome, you should give it a try. I haven't needed these yet, but all of the moms that have been through it say to stock up on these, so I did.

What I didn't buy was baby clothes, good lord this kid won't be able to wear any of her clothes more than twice at this point. The only clothes I have allowed myself to get are 12 plus months, which is cool with me because they start looking more like stylish outfits than costumes at that point!

I can't remember if I talked about the last doctors appt, I think I did...

7 weeks and 1 day to go. Still think and want this baby out early! February 25 sounds good to me...full term for her and not so blimp like for me. I keep looking for signs this will come sooner than later. The maternity leave lady suggested I take two weeks before my due date off, but what happens if the baby is late? It would take away from the 6 weeks after baby I will have. Decisions decisions. Ash only wants me to do 8 weeks, we will have taxes to pay for (crossing fingers this is the last year), tires for the car, and other awesome expenses are keeping us from being comfortable with having more than that.

Although my comment section is back to registered users, I'd love to know whose still reading. Is it worth keeping this up?

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stuffed and tired!

I just returned from my work baby shower, it was good times to be had and great food (red r.obin). The best gift was a pair of jeans I've been eyeing but hadn't bought because all my extra funds are slated for baby. They are awesome and will be great motivation to get back into shape after Madelyn comes.

In other news- bustah (the larger of the two beagles and our original "baby") appears to have the same neck injury Sadie had last spring. Super. He's being quiet and is trying to hide the pain (it's amazing how well we know our dog) but isn't hiding it very well. It's doggie aspirin time and some gentle loving care in my future.

I ve got more, but am tirrrrred. So I will post tomorrow!

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A lengthy appt

My doctors appt Monday was good, I finally got some good information from the doctor. We started discussing labor, birth plans, and what his vision is. He referred to a birth plan as "angering the labor gods" and that the best plan is one that is made between him and I on the day of birth. All of that sounds fine to me, I am not too worried about how it goes, as long as it goes. Madelyn sounded good, although I am measuring two weeks behind in uterus terms, he seem to not worry.

My main questions regarding possible csection (thanks to that nurse in november who commented on my "csection likely" check she did) were squashed, he said he hadn't noticed anything odd and that plently of women deliver just fine. I have also been under the assumption and "feeling" that this baby was coming early...although this may just be a want more than a truth, whereas he talked about inducing if I go over two weeks (I think he is thinking a late baby due to size). I just want to put it out in the universe that I am desperate to NOT go over...please oh please come on time or minutes after Madelyn turns 37 weeks which is full term and in 35 days from now. I cannot fathom going extra long into this, not how I feel right now and how I imagine I will feel in 5 weeks. Seriously.

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Sleep unknown.

It's officially uncomfortable all day and now all night.
My hips were on fire last night even with a pillow wedged between my legs. I know i should just get used to the sleeplessness, but damn, i also want to stay sane. I was also reading this book last night, baby wise, about breastfeeding, and was actually kinda freaked out by the notion of feedings every three hours for the first 6-8 weeks. Their idea is to feed, keep baby up and active for a bit, then put them down for a nap all in three hours. While this sounds good, where does the breastfeeding mama get sleep in that? The only way to make that work is to pump for two feedings and try to sleep through a batch of time while ash takes control. I know sleep is not something to expect when you have a new infant but damn, I don't want to end up a crazed maniac. There is probably a happy medium I haven't discovered yet!

Madelyn is still very active and present most hours. Sometimes it feels like she having a seizure in there. She's definitely growing because the heartburn is ridiculous. She's pushed her way up to squishing my internal organs so much that water causes an acid digestion attack. I know we have 8 weeks left, but damn girl, i want her out now! Not only for selfish reasons...okay they are all selfish, I just want to hold her and get her life I really am done.

We have limited things that are still needed, it's nice to know that if she came right now we'd be okay. But, it's not 100% and my OCD is killing me. Our last shower is in a month, too long to wait to finish up in my opinion...but oh well.

Ash is still needing to learn appropriate ways to talk to a pregnant wife. In my "woe is me" week, he has unfortunately commented on me needing a haircut and that my butt is getting bigger. I know he meant these nicely, but it didn't come off as such, especially when I was already down and out about it all.

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

A little pamper time..

Is what I need. Funny that being so close to having a baby and I should be worried about diapers, diaper bags, and how life will happen with me not bringing in an income for a short time...yet my thoughts are drifting to my needs.

I am starting to look and feel shabby. I need a manicure, some lounge wear, a haircut, and maybe some post baby clothes that will make me feel whole again. The next person I attend a shower for is getting things that are all about mommy time. Cause the last thing they want to buy is stuff for themselves, and it is definitely the first thing they think of for after this is all over.

Augh. That's how this feels.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nesting much?

It's official. I am bat crazy and nesting.

Last night I organized the cabinets in all of the bathrooms, this morning...all of the storage closets and bedroom closets too. Not alot left to tackle. I am ready and prepared for this baby to get here.

It's driving Ashley crazy. But man, it feels good to have it all done!

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Looking good

Madelyns ultrasound went great, she is showing 3lbs 11oz which is at 50% percentile. She's made some good improvements so we are looking like they are going to let her just keep baking away. They even offered us a 3d look at her, which was pretty cool. She looks identical to her dad, lips and a nose that didn't come from me!

It's a blurry pic, taken from my phone, but it's cool enough to see past that. 8 + weeks to go!

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Friday, January 8, 2010

If only

...I could eat. I know I want food, and that I need food...but dammit if my body isn't rejecting every damned thing right now.

...I could not be uber tired and have bones that hurt and a bladder that functions properly without constant infections and enough money to stay at home for the next two months so I don't have to deal with any of the above at work.

I don't mean to be a complainer, I really don't. But, I also want to accurately explain how I feel both for the five or so people who might read this and my later "oh I could TOTALLY do this all over again" self. The information in books and from others just doesn't give this shit I feel justice.

I, however, am lucky to not be on bedrest like my due date buddy over at breederbeware. I feel awful for her, bored and unable to find comfort in the few things in life I enjoy (a clean house and chocolate). I liked one of her suggestions, I may go out this weekend and load up on paper plates and disposable cups, I am waayyyy too tired to do dishes all the time especially right after work.

As long as Madelyn starts looking on the up and up, we may make it through this without the threat of bedrest. Although I am pretty sure the dogs would dig my laying on the couch all day.

Monday will tell us how the rest of this pregnancy may go. All hope is on Monday. Till then, we can just sit and wonder when this little girl is making her appearance.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Oh goody goody

The nausea is back in full swing. In fact, I might just have to set the phone down and stop blogging in a few minutes so I can make it to the bathroom. I was back to the once a week toss in December and now this week looks like it might go up in occurances, as Monday was a particularly bad day and today isn't looking so good either.

Also, anyone had the metallicy stars in their vision while pregnant? It's happening more and more, I feel like I am tripping on acid or something.

Anyhow in non pregnancy related news:

Yesterday, I happened to stop by my old stomping ground store and saw my boss for clini.que. She took me aside and let me know there might be an opening back in my old store with more hours. It was awesome. I love the crew there, plus the extra funds will definitely come in handy when the baby gets here. Not to mention, my commute time will be much much shorter, gas money less, and more time at home with madelyn. It does mean one more day of work (five) but I used to have that and going down to four makes a BIG difference to your pay, it would be going back to what I was used to right when we are going to need diapers and formula. I am supposed to hear from them in a few days. And my maternity leave isn't a big deal because I already work for the company. Cross your fingers.

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

That update I promised...

Here in good ol week 30.

Swollen legs and ankles, pressure like this little girl is about to fall out, back name it. Super good times.

I hope this baby is amazing so I can forget all of this.

We have our next ultrasound in a week. I think Madelyn is finally packing on the pounds so instead of having her really early, now my focus is can I work all the way up until she's here. The tingley legs and bruised ankles are telling me otherwise, my next doctors appt isn't until week 32 so I have a few more weeks before I can consult our doctor about it.

The nice thing is I've gone from "you are soo tiny..." to "wow, you're really big" in a week. No more "are you eating enough" stupid questions or "you haven't even gotten to the worst part yet."

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Holy belly

Ahhh this app has photo options now. Sweet!

Quick update tonight with pictures...later tomorrow I'll get around to an actual post.

Sorry for the belly thin skin look! And here's the nursery thus far....

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