Sunday, May 31, 2009

Grand Opening

Okay, so I think I may have this grocery thing all backward. I seem to be spending more money than I used to for groceries, but it's like crack...I just wanna save more and more money. I don't feel good unless my car is full of the a fix.

I start out the fun at Albertsons... boy I used to hate Albertsons with their lower height aisles and the magical "urine like" smell that always seem to permeate the aisles (anyone else notice this? no matter the store?) But, with all the amazing deals I just can't seem to get away from going there at least twice a week.

This week - Eight or so transactions (purex detergent is my new BFF, so cheap!)....$31.58

What I got:
(20) boxes Mac and Cheese
(4) capri sun boxes
(7) purex detergent/softeners
(3) V8 juices
(8) boxes of kelloggs cereal

Savings of: $79.01 or 72% savings!

Target and Clearance - like music to my ears! $35.23

What I got:
(1) lock for locker (full price, but needed it for work)
(1) Lysol Spray for .02
(3) Value Pack Hefty Garbage bags
(2) Scrubbing bubble cleaners
(4) Mr Clean cleaners
(1) eaten immediately bag of chocolate
(2) BBQ sauce
(2) Kashi waffles
(1) Shaving gel
(2) dog treats
(2) bags of litter

Savings of: $38.92 or 53% saved!

Also did a walmart run, but only saved like 16 dollars so not worth the extensive post....but I did end up with a 105 grocery tab at the end of the week for all stores...a little over double what I normally do. Ash has requested that I stop buying cereal, bbq sauce and mac & cheese..but I reminded him I have a young brother going to college soon and that we have the potential to donate quite a bit this year (maybe enough to claim on taxes!) so he changed his tune quickly.

I feel like I own a small grocery outlet at this point, I had to reorganize my pantry and laundry room just to fit it all! Makes you realize how much stuff we just store and never use...I feel a garage sale coming my way!

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