Monday, May 4, 2009

And we meet again.

Crazy lady made an appearance at my work yesterday. She's the one who predicted that I would be pregnant with a boy in may. She has since changed her mind, how weird coansidering it's may and low and
Behold... I'm not pregnant.

She now says I need brussel sprouts and hard greens. How bizarre.

I think I'll stick to reading my books and trying to eat more than just a candy bar for lunch. Thank you very much.

Off to enjoy my birthday.

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  1. Happy Birthday!

    ugh, random comments suck! when i waitressed a customer told me i was probably pregnant b/c i was dropping things a lot. Riiiigghhht

  2. I've had several people tell me I was going to be pregnant very soon - and one of them was a psychic that I saw about 2 years ago. Maybe the tarot cards have a different translation for soon, but mine is somewhere around 6 months.
    Hope you enjoyed your b-day!