Saturday, May 23, 2009

Stealing groceries using coupons

That's my new phrase for what I'm doing. Stealing groceries....using coupons.

It's a mixed bag when you walk up to check out at a grocery store or retailer, I feel all hot and worried that something isn't going to take, or that I'll deal with a nasty person. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. The best thing so far is going shopping late at night, I don't have the line backing up behind me and the cashier just wants to get back to stocking, so he/she doesn't care much about the grand total.

Friday was my big day. I not only get paid this day every week, but I have most of the morning and afternoon to get my stuff accomplished before going into my second job.
Here's how it ran down....

Target Trip - 41.00 total, 14.00 Paid
Target Trip - 70.00 total, 42.00 Paid
Albertsons Trip - 17.00 total, 2.00 Paid
Safeway Trip - 118.00 total, 49.00 Paid

One of the target trips included an end table for 15 dollars, so I don't really count that (it was 75% off, woohoo!) and I think with the Target discounts it doesn't take into consideration the price before clearance stickers, as most of that larger trip was clearance merch.

What I ended up with: a shitload of groceries.

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