Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day 31?

So here I am a few days late. I'm not going to get all excited because I know it will happen, my period will start as soon as I start envisioning baby rooms and diaper bags.

I am not going to test until friday, for one I need to save money and for two I just can't envision wasting another dollar on tests (that I don't have a coupon for. I am really embracing this coupon thing!). Bare with me while I sit on the "period egg" waiting to hatch.

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  1. LOL the period egg.

    Sometimes at Big Lots you can find tests for a dollar.

    Something that might also help you with couponing, is to make a written list of all the things you cook and their common ingredients. It helps you remember how much of something you need. I always need more Mexican cheese than I think I do.

    Also, if you eat meat, try figuring out what day your store puts meat on clearance. I can get great deals on meat if I go to the store on Thursdays and put the meat right in the freezer.

    I love coupons SO much. I am going to Giant today for the dollar doublers.