Friday, May 8, 2009

An Upgrade

I've gone from peeing on a dollar, to peeing on 5 dollars since yesterday.

Still waiting for something to happen, and it certainly isn't happening in pee stick form.

I wish that nature had a way of instant pregnancy knowledge, like your thumb nail turning neon purple. Not only would it help us who are trying to get pregnant know a lot sooner, it would also bring down the instances of alcohol and or drug abuse, if you have a purple thumb nail, you don't get served at the bar type of thing. If this were to happen, I and thousands of others, could turn this economic crisis around on our own....with all of the extra cash we would then have not being dumped on pregnancy tests, we could go out and buy stuff. Brilliant.

I am fighting the urge to go and have a blood test done. To be perfectly honest, I don't want it to come out that I'm not's too close to my heart now. For those of you who think maybe this is just my imagination....your mind may be able to fake pregnancy symptoms because they also happen to be period ones, but 5 days late when I never am is something I can't fake.

If I went today and had one done, I would know in 4 or 5 days. That is just way too long for me. It might be the best way though, save the heartache every morning of one line smacking me between the eyes. I did my research yesterday....did you know that a small percentage of women see negatives on pee sticks until they are 8 weeks along! 8 weeks! Some at 12 weeks!

I would have to be one of those wouldn't I....? Couldn't go the whole normal route, gotta throw some kind of f*ing drama in for flair. Some even show negative on blood work. I would have thought these two tests of "are you" would be solid, apparently not. So even if I have it done, and it comes back negative, and my period doesn't show...I will still go around wondering could I. Thanks internet!

On a side note, this is my 98th post. In three months! Funny enough, you know I'll be posting tomorrow (99) and on sunday...(100). Look forward to seeing some more pee stick drama over the weekend. I really want my 100 post to be a positive, ironic being 100th (a celebration in itself) and being Mothers Day (better be positive...otherwise I'll be moping around sad, shaking fist in the air at the sky.)


  1. MMM. I would get the blood test. But that's me. I always wished people would turn pink or something when they got pregnant.

    Or that you could buy a toilet that would turn a color as soon as the pee hit it.

    If you want your 100th post to be a positive one, it will be.

  2. toilet water, that would be perfect!

    I may just do it today. Argh!
    I feel like a crazy ass! And at this point if it's a pregnancy, I'm worried it ectopic... sharp pains on my right ovary/ligament area (left in anatomy)

  3. dude one of my friends in CA didn't get a positive test until she was 10 weeks!!

    i hear you. I hate the phone call saying that the blood test was negative.

  4. just talked with my mom! she said even with my twin brothers she tested negative even after 5 weeks and a confirmation via ultrasound. maybe this shit runs in the family. holy crap! I got all excited!

    (long history of bad thyroids, which I guess can cause this stuff!)

  5. I like your idea about the purple fingernail - of course, then I'd wear purple nail polish all time! :-) Looking forward to your next two posts!