Thursday, May 28, 2009

My review of my phone

Where to begin...

The iPhone. Just for you.
It's my lifeline to the world, the very existence of me from day one. This is by far the best invention on earth. I cannot even fathom going back to a regular flip phone! Standing in a long line, check email. Need a phone number, look it up without calling 411. Email someone instead of testing, brillant. Everything is easier because I have this phone, no joke.

Bad part. Dropped calls, it doesn't seem to have the same strengh of signal my old phone did. But for everything I get from this, a dropped call is nothing but a blip. There have been some issues with freezing, but a tech guy told me to sync it with iTunes once a week and it should be fine.

The apps. Amazing. Fertility charts, solitare, you name it, I have it!

Overall, I really suggest this to everyone as their next phone. Hell, it's replaced my laptop, ds lite, and mapquest for me and let me tell you those were my lifelines before!

-- Post From My iPhone

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