Saturday, May 16, 2009

A brief update

I haven't posted in a week, well, since the mishap of being unpregnant took place.

Alot has happened in that short time, a baby has been born, I got a second job to help build up some savings and maybe the chance for a weekend getaway here and there, and yes...I've beat the stores at their own grocery game.

My cousins baby was born on Tuesday, she's perfect and I wanted to steal her immediately. Of course, it made for extra yearning and sadness that I had befallen the day prior.

A coffee shop I patron asked me to work a few days a week, my days off from my other gig...this will put me at working seven days a week, but what the hell. This on top of school and babymaking, I might be able to call myself legally insane soon enough. I hope all of this hobby stuff (school, grocery couponing, and work) will force my brain to think of other things besides baby. The biggest benefit is of course the extra funds, this will not only pay for the what now bills that find their way into the mailbox, but tires that are soon to come, school, and maybe even some weekend outing that we both surely need.

The grocery game stuff rocks, our pantry is getting full and we are learning to eat new things. I feel bad now when I buy stuff that is not on sale or that I don't have a coupon it's retraining me to focus on saving money rather then blowing it. I have some great pictures, but the overall savings is about 80%... I even had a few managers get the pissy eye at me when checking out! Pics to come.

I'll get back to regular scheduled posts, and new thoughts about this process (including the whole partner in babymaking woes) in the coming days.

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  1. You're going to be busy! Woot for the extra job/$$ :)


    That is great that you got a 2nd job. I feel guilty too when I buy stuff that isn't on sale.

  3. your local dollar tree will have the papers tomorrow.