Sunday, March 28, 2010

One week.

Madelyn is one week old today.

We've learned alot this week; about ourselves, each other and about her.

Madelyn is amazing. She is really turning out to be a pretty little girl. She is already trying to smile and hold her head up. It's awesome to see her develop everyday.

Ash is also turning out to be an amazing dad. He tries really hard to help me out and keep me from doing too much. He showers madelyn with kisses and can't stop staring at her. He also can't wait to start swim lessons and soccer with her, we went to target the other day (actually we've been there 3 times this week.. So many things we need that we didn't realize) and he perused the sports aisle for a good ten minutes picking out the stuff they would need.

I am also enjoying our little girl, although I spend most of my time feeding her and generally unable to do much else. It's funny the motherly instincts that naturally appear, I can already read most of her cues for a need before she gets frustrated and starts crying. She is worth every stitch, every gasp of ouch, and any of the fuzzy details of labor pains I experinced.

Although life is not all peaches and cream...
I am still in alot of pain, swollen and feeling weak. I know this should only last a few more days but man... It hurts to walk and to sit, so my options are limited! Coughing sucks big time. I've got an email into my doctor about more pain meds (I hate asking for a refill, makes me look like a junkie) and to ask him if it should feel like this. I am more swollen than I should be, the swelling actually got worse day three or so, when I had a coughing fit and think I may have busted something. Ugh.

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  1. Im sorry to hear about your pain and the after effects of the pregnancy but your little girl is so beautiful and to think that such little hands and such cute chubby cheeks exist it makes me feel so joyous and envious of the way God smiled upon the both of you and gave you this little angel.
    I know one day I will definatley want a little angel of my own but until then,
    reading about yours will do :)