Thursday, March 11, 2010

7 days! No wait 6!

Can't wait any longer.

I am seriously considering taking castor oil, mowing the lawn, washing the car...whatever it takes to get this baby to come naturally before we induce.

I guess it's 7 days to induction (as long as hippy doc doesn't change his mind) so I was partially right on the title.

Ash had to go out for a work function last night... With the expressed concern by me that he not drink too much and keep his phone on him. Of course, easier said than done, as his industry is such that drinking is almost a requirement. 3 am rolls around and he comes wandering in, a little too talkative for so early in the morning! Luckily I didn't have another bout of falsies after midnight or his ass would have been grass! He knew I was upset, but he fell asleep muttering about how it's really hard to see the reality of a baby because it's not in his stomach and he doesn't get to experience anything until she comes. And he mentioned the constant "your life will change forever and have fun now" comments from the peanut gallery...welcome to my world my friend.

He scheduled some friends of his to come over tonight for dinner. 6 days till I am due and I have to plan what to make. The wife is a bit picky and isn't a big fan of non Vietnamese food, so I always struggle to figure out what to make. Maybe we'll do something spicy with lots of pineapple, followed by a castor oil shake to get labor going! Ha!

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