Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sweeping the pipes

I have apparently lost weight. My doctor has asked me not to do that again, I am not trying! In fact I have been craving more and more sweets so I thought I would be up more!

My doctor didn't really mention how big he thinks she is, or how big I was showing. He just listened for her heartbeat and then checked my pulse. He did comment that he wouldnt let me go past my due date (but didnt say why the change of heart). Youll hear no complaining from me, but he never gives reasoning behind his decisions. I was still tight as a submarine, but he swept my membranes (holy yikes) and changed me to 1cm (or fingertip dialated).

Ash comes to very appt, even the ones in which I am checked, so I think the doctor gets a little flustered and forgets what he is doing sometimes. In his defense, I think he is just a more modest doctor who isn't used to molesting a patient in front of their husband...he almost runs outta the room immediately after without saying anything or goodbye. When ash had missed last week, he stuck around answering all of my questions for a good ten minutes, so I know it's not just his normal bedside manner.

After we did dinner and had some heart to heart conversations about delivery and how I have been feeling. I haven't talked much about the weird anxiety I have had because we have family that reads this blog so you can't be as honest as you can when its full knowledge of who you are and who you are talking about. It was good that ash is totally in agreement and is willing to take the lead on the "come to Jesus" talks that will need to happen in the coming weeks. I will write about it once I think fully on how not to cause more drama than necessary.

Two weeks, Gawl! So crazy!

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