Monday, March 8, 2010

No call no show

Single digits. 9 days, although it's just 4 hours from being 8 days. We have an ultrasound and then our weekly checkup. There better be some damn progress! If not, I will demand some sort of progress from Madelyn...I will have to jump on some beds or trampolines...something to get her going. Most of me hopes that they take one look at the ultrasound and send us straight to l&d.

Maternity leave kinda sucks. I hate being here without something to do. I just wanna see a baby in my arms!
You know what else sucks...everyone else is busy...working, doing stuff on the outside, promising to get together but not calling! (christina- you have exemption). None of my friends have called, just family...good lord I don't want to answer the same question daily! No mom, I didn't go into labor. Madelyn isn't here yet!

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  1. God, I hated the wait -- my baby was 6 days overdue, and I swear he doubled in size in those final days...
    You will look back on this time with a little sadness, you'll miss the excitement of expecting, even though you wouldn't put Madelyn back for quids... haha
    Good luck.. I'm excited for you!! :o)

  2. People are saying I will miss her in my belly...but I totally disagree! It really really hurts! Plus I didn't get into this to be pregnant, I got into this to actually have a baby!