Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Zoning out.

Last night was a huge upgrade. Madelyn ended up cosleeping (I know I know...bad mommy) but she keeps refluxing and it was scarying the poo out of me, well not literally I will get to that later. Breastfeeding is a lot easier on my side and it's pretty easy to just attach her and go back to half sleep. I won't say I am full on sleeping yet, too worried about her!

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  1. (sorry to rant, but ugh i swear this site hates me, i can never post anything...this is my 4th attempt.)

    ok...what was it that i wrote again...

    oooohhh! love the family picture. so sweet!! you look thrilled, hehe. so i read the tweets(??) that you had a quick labor and with the epidural, so it must have been fairly pain free. good for you! she's so beautiful melissa!! when can you bring her to japan for a visit?? lol. i wish!

    that's so great that breastfeeding, etc. is going well for you!! it took mirai and me awhile to get the hang of it. if you need anything anytime, just give me an email or whatever. do you have skype?? i'd love to see you two girls on video!! but i know you're probably totally exhausted right now. so later is okay. mirai loves your little maddie. she's so impressed with the fact that she used to be in your tummy, but now is somehow magicly OUT! poof! haha.

  2. what a beautiful family picture. Congrats on the newest addition to the family :)

  3. Great family pic, my dear.

    PS...Monkey and I co-slept for MONTHS. And he is just fine.