Monday, March 15, 2010

Heartburn, fake contractions, and zero baby

But hey, still living.

Ash and I went to a rather large mall, walked each corner... I was able to have just a few contractions during the process. Then we walked a smaller mall, same thing. I have also pulled weeds and washed my car today. baby but plenty of fake its to be had.

Old wives tales dictate i should be going into labor any minute. I havent gained a pound in two weeks, i have definitely dropped, and my body is cleansing itself out faster than I can put nutrition in. Plus, Madelyn is moving less today than usual. Funny, I am not running to the door right now or would I bet any money on it.

Heartburn is still terrible. I am out of my OTC acid stuff and the tums aren't really working...I imagine I will be heading out to get some more before the days over.

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  1. any time now....aaaany time. ;)

  2. Seriously. Thankfully we have our doc appt tomorrow and hopefully we will have an induction time scheduled for thursday.