Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Awful mom and two week update.

As her two weeks was on Easter, and we were hosting 12 or so people at our house for the day, I never got around to getting the two week post up.

I definitely overdid it that day. I am feeling much better, but make me stand for over an hour and it all comes back in full force. Everyone had a good time though and Madelyn was a hit. It was worth the effort, mess, and pain after.

Madelyns jaundice is gone. She is a perfect mixture of ashs and my skin tone. Her hair is super fine, but alot of it, with red highlights hidden in the dark brown (just like mommy). Her eyelashes are filling in, I am excited to see them...ash has the best lashes ever.

After switching her to half formula, she started getting terrible gas and staying up late very uncomfortable. Saturday I had enough and switched formula to a sample of soy I had that listed gas and fussiness on the label. I know soy can cause constipation, but she still gets breastmilk (which cleanses the system) so they counter each other. I don't know how long the breastfeeding will last, I tend to pump/feed her every 5-6 hours, sometimes longer in between at night. It's just soooo much easier to give her a bottle or let ash feed her so I can sleep. My milk will probably dry up soon because of it, but oh well.

Her umblicial cord is dangling now, it's not totally healed behind it so I am not sure how to take of it. I know it's not painful, but still looks gross. Any suggestions?

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  1. When my son's cord thingy was doing that, I put a bandaid over it so it would get caught on anything and rip off. It fell off shortly after that.