Thursday, March 4, 2010

13 days or less.


I am sooo excited to be done with work in two days. It will be nice to relax for a week and just absorb everything. Funny to think I wouldn't even get to this point, I thought we'd would be talking about Madelyn turning two weeks.

I am looking forward to my body back. It's weird to wake up with new symptoms this far along. I am sleeping well, but wake up to achy bones and today a super swollen right hand (strange).

Ash and I are going to have those "come to Jesus" talks this weekend we think. It's funny that I am not anxious about the actual delivery but how to handle my mom and my dad, who don't speak, but are both very important to me... The hospital has a policy of two set visitors during labor, then a relaxed policy after. I don't know that we want visitors while I am trying to work thru pain, but I also don't want to be a bad guy and not allow grandparents to experience this. Then the after, who gets to come in first? How long can I and ash bond with Madelyn before inviting them in (would it be rude if we waited an hour?) I want to do the skin to skin and try to breastfeed, and I would prefer if we were in our new room. So does ash go and announce her arrival and then they wait for a little longer? Plus, if they are all allowed in, regulating baby holding time will be mom won't want to share with my dad/stepmom, and ashs mom will be waiting too...probably with ashs sisters. Funny that these are the things I stress about..not the pain or the sleepless nights but grandparents.

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