Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Doctors appt went well. I am still at 1cm, but effaced to 80%. At least I made a little progress. It's never the progress we think it will be but hey it's something. The hospital has been exceptionally busy so our induction is scheduled for Saturday. We get a phone call sometime that day to go in and start the process. It's exciting to know we have an actual date, disappointing that it's not Wednesday or thursday...but what can you do. The doc did say he was happy with my progress and the induction will definitely work now, plus he said her head is much further down then before. I guess he had another gal who was scheduled for Friday get checked yesterday and go into labor overnight so he is positive Madelyn will come on her own prior to Saturday. He says he just has to scare them by filling out the induction paperwork and they make their own escape.

Still not betting on it, but hey...it would be nice.

I am looking forward to not getting the "are you" phone calls. I vented today via facebook and Twitter, it backlashed and I was told I was being rude...it's just already disappointing to myself, and having to answer to a million (ok, 18 today) other disappointed folks just makes me feel worse! I guess I should have left some things anonymous so I could have a true place to let my emotions escape (helps so I don't lash out at ash). Oh well, I am sure this is just the first of things I don't do right in this next few days (big events never seem to work out perfectly without hitches due to parents etc). Can you tell the pregnancy hormones are really starting to swell up?

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  1. Fuck that. You're about to pop, you can be as rude as you like! Go have some raucous sex, that'll shake things up and send you into labor. Maybe.


  2. You are hilarious! Sex has not sent me into labor, but that hasn't stopped ash from wanting to keep trying! Still hoping for a saint patties babe, so he will definitely get his wish!

  3. Atta girl! Couple of deep knees bends afterward, and you'll be good to go! lol