Friday, March 26, 2010

The longest Saturday of my life.

Birth story!

We were told to expect a phone call starting at 4:30 am Saturday morning. In all of our anxiousness, ash and I were up and at um by 2:30. Since this isn't the fun part, I'll just give you the bullets...
- 8:00 we call them, call back at 12
- 8:30 lost mucus plug or bloody show (who knows!)
- contractions start up just as the "are you" phone calls roll in.
- 12:00 still can't come in, ash and I go to the mall to walk. Contractions as little as 3 minutes but as much as 8 minutes apart.
- 12:30 someone please cork my butt, cleansing begins. Also almost got hit on a crosswalk at the park.
-5:20 while waiting for phone call, decide to do dinner out.
-5:21 phone call comes. Scheduled for 6pm.

When we got to the hospital, I told them about the labor I was already feeling, after they hooked me up they determined I was contracting every 2 minutes ( who knew? Not me!). The pit got started and I was checked (1.5cm) around 7pm. An hour later I was gwtting ultrasounds on my legs for a superficial blood clot that formed. Some of the parents showed up and I was cooking at 2cm. I tried to tell the nurse my water broke, but she said it wAs just my plug. (later determined to be my water) By 9pm, I was at a mind shattering in pain 4cm. The pain was so bad I was convulsing during and after (the contractions never let up after 8pm). I wasn't screaming, but definitely cussing and apologizing profusly to the nurse so doing so. She was amazing and went to see if she could get me an epidural after determining that 4 stage.

By the time the epidural guy came, I was in so much pain that I was throwing up and straight up shaking like I was in the midst of a seizure. My dad took one look at me and he said he'd never seen eyes so big and pupils so small. My step mom was still in the room and helped me through some of the toughest contractions. She was awesome. As soon as the epidural was in, I was checked again and at a 7 (40minutes from 4 to 7). Although I could still feel some pain, it was definetly better after drugs.

About two hours later, I was ready to push. Babe was sunny side up so the two hours of pushing got us nowhere. The nurse said she was going to call the doctor in, the heartbeat was almost nonexistent after a push... And ash and I prepared ourselves for a possible c section. Luckily, he came in and took one look at how tired I was, and recommended a vacuum assisted delivery. It seemed like seconds later Madelyn was born.

I was torn, snipped, and exhausted....but finally a mom. More later!

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  1. oh yikes...poor melissa, but at least it's all over! nice story!! :)