Sunday, August 2, 2009


This morning...

First 4:30 am natural wakeup... Which I could kill my body and mind for doing. This should not continue if I want to stay a positive and pleasant person.

First pregnancy dream... Well I had the baby and wasn't able to care for and didn't have anything ready for the baby. Like no binkie and no milk supply...etc.

Still experiencing the cramping, sometimes it is worse then other times...but no bleeding so no worries.

Starting to think of myself as "pregnant" which is cool. I only have a week to the ultrasound to make sure everything is on course and a-ok. Ash is still terrified it's twins, he is one of those planners when it comes to finances.... Twins is like a financial bomb to him. Twice the diapers, twice the cars at 16, twice the college tuition and all at the same time. Plus the daycare would make it nearly impossible for me to work, dropping our income about 1600 a month. We could make it work by maybe having that neighbor watch both... But how much would you offer for one child or two? It would probably be Wednesdays from 4-10, fridays from 4-10 and Sundays 4-7. This is under the assumption that a grandparent would watch the baby on Saturdays (either 4 or 6 hours). Seems like so little...

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