Thursday, July 30, 2009

A whole lotta nothin.

Life is the same. No news worth posting here.

We did celebrate our 3rd anniversary yesterday. Some friends had made plans with Ash when I was gone and he had forgotten that it was our day, so we just did dinner with them and didn't mention it. The couple should have slightly remembered, the guy was the best man and all.

Seattle had it's hottest day on record ever at 104 degrees, which is crazy considerig just three years ago it was 63 and windy when we tied the knot (outside of all places).

As far as the pregnancy goes, everything seems to be steadly the same. I was and am experiencing some cramping that comes with over exertion. So much so that I emailed swoon doctor and had to get some reassurance that the world wasn't ending. He seems to think that everything is a-ok unless I have bleeding too....knock on wood that it won't happen.

While I was on my trip, Ash endured the record breaking temps and managed to find the colors I had wanted for paint in the bedroom and surprised me with a item crossed off our pre-baby checklist. Awesome.

Things left to do:
Painting downstairs
Hardwood floors
New drapes
New bedding
Stuff on walls
Bathrooms remodeled

All this before we start on a nursery!

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  1. happy anniversary! Our forth one will be when the baby is about a month and a half old. So we will probably sleep through it. :)