Saturday, August 8, 2009

Poo and such

A walking ball of gas and hard as hell poo. But on the positive side... This sinks the deal on my "gotta be a mistake or something is seriously wrong" boat I've been riding. Yay for symptoms that are supposed to be happening to pregnant ladies.

The past few days I have really started to feel the gastrointestinal side effects of carrying a ball of cells. Poo. Heartburn. Gall bladder pain. Gas, good lord the gas. This is making me feel better, as in previous weeks the only checkoff I could make on a "are you pregnant" quiz was sore boobs... which happened to me without being pregnant so you know how much heart I took to that. I actually failed that quiz, only having a 25 percent chance of being pregnant.

I can't wait for Monday. Super excited to finally see the bug or bugs and get that final ahhhhh relief moment.

Random thought: everyone is really getting on me for doing things like bringing in groceries or taking out the trash.... How do people deal with it when there is no one to help them....they just do it, and most the time it ends up fine. Live a little people.

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  1. My RE put me on a 20 pound weight restriction. So I bring one bag of groceries in at a time.

  2. I guess my Complaint is that people are taking it a little too crazy. Like I shouldn't do laundry and such. I am sure I'll get a reprimand at the doctors tomorrow!