Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cramp cramp crampity cramp.

Still cramping and pressure. Still no nausea.

Before when I was in the constant state of two week waitdom, I wish and hoped that I wouldn't have to worry about seeing any spots when I wiped... But here I am 8 weeks into babydom and I am still worried I will see it. Every bathroom break freaks me out. I don't believe I would have this kind of paranoid if I wasn't cramping twice a day.

Speaking of paranoia. I am a freak. Still concerned there won't be a baby in there for the ultrasound (empty sac) or that it's ectopic. Celia and my mother in law have tried to calm my nerves a bit....it's too late to be ectopic and the chances of an empty sac are small so I should stop with the crazy. Pretty soon (yah! 6 days till ultrasound) I will switch my crazy to will the baby have ten toes and if down syndrome is possible (my aunt has it...does it run in the family?)

Oh. I have been banned from doctor google. People think it's making me worse.

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