Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A really strange night.

Holy weird batman.

At about 3am I kept waking up (a waking dream I think?) and seeing a shape near the end of my bed. The last of these wake ups, the shape took a little more of a form and went from end of my bed to directly above me on the ceiling.

The shape? No joke. A ghost like one you'd imagine from Casper the ghost with the pointy tail (but not so drawn and cutesy). No arms and no face but clothes like mine. I had never experienced that kind of dream before and my heartbeat went from just beating in my heart to my whole body beating with fear. And a little heartburn to boot.

Ash was downstairs sleeping and he didn't wake up to my panicked requests for him to come upstairs. Ok yelling requests. I worked the courage to go get him and woke his ass up (he was a little pissy at the reasoning) but it still took me an hour to fall back asleep.

Pregnancy dreams = crazy.

Btw. I've been following the funniest pregnancy calendar and wanted to share the link.

Sorry it's not linked properly. I am using the phone to post and blogger app... ahem, blogger? are you listening... Needs this option.

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  1. Might not have been a dream hun. Just sayin.