Thursday, August 20, 2009

The feather prince

Yes dears. My life can return to it's normality.

Project runway is back!

I can't wait for every Thursday. Tim gunn is my main squeeze. Heidi could be my best friend.

This pregnancy will go much faster! Not only can I count down weeks for baby, I can revel in my fashionista love of reality tv weekly too!

Pregnancy related blogging - no symptoms. No cravings. A bit of a headache each day. It's hard to remember Im pregnant half the time. But! Baby is growing and has reached the fetus stage regardless of how I feel on the outside. Still in total belief it's a boy, my lack of symptoms and pizza face sway the old wives tales in that favor.

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  1. YEAH! You're pregnant! Congratulations!

    Okay, let me back up. :) You followed my old blog (maybeanotherbaby--I was trying to get pg post miscarriage) but I couldn't comment on any of your posts (comments were disabled, I guess?) Anyway, I had to lock that thing up and I couldn't ask you for an email where I could send an invite, so I just kind of...vanished. But I'm back under a new name with a BFP (well, sort of ;). Just wanted you to know I am SO happy for you! YEAH!

    Courtney :)