Friday, August 14, 2009

Mixed emotions

Earlier I had posted about my parents responses to our baby annoucement. I was confused by my mothers un excited moment followed by a friend running into her and them holding a 15 minute conversation seconds after we told her the news. Leaving us sitting around waiting for them to finish. The confusion hasn't ended.

Occassionaly I get the "how are you feeling" message but when I return the call, silence and boredom seem to meet me on the other end of the line. Or the conversation is filled with money issues and how she wishes we could go shopping for baby stuff, but alas her money woes.

I had expected a much different motherly experience. She had been begging for a grandchild for 7 years. She was able to finally get one from my brother and his wife (the baby is two months) and she was over the moon. Hell she's already been to Texas twice in two months since the babys been born. But...this is not what I think is hindering her excitement...

She and my father have this crazy hate relationship that I have been able to look past but they have not. I think the scariest thing for both of them is that they will be connected and have to see each other on a regular basis after this baby comes. She is stubbornly deciding that she should be staying out of it. I don't know. She couldn't even make time to come to the ultrasound probably for fear that she'd run into my dad.

Eventually, this blog may be filled with posts like this, as ultrasound appts and birthday parties come up and these two have to meet. It's a frustrating topic that fills my mind currently!

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