Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Still in bed.

I am finding it harder to get out of my warm and comfortable bed for fear when I finally do my back will still hurt. Oh sciatic. Can I have a day off?

My miscarriage fears haunt me as soon as I think about going in to a chiropacter or a massuse and getting this thing nipped in the butt. Literally. So I have neglected to look into either, waiting for the second trimester to hit.

Speaking of second trimester, it's just 8 Days away! At least according to my iPhone app...

This has been going by quickly and for the most part painlessly (except for the cramping and back issues). A friend of mine just discovered she's 7 weeks and is busy throwing up every time she breathes, so my woes are far less woeful for her sake.

With my second trimester fast approaching, I want to start on the baby room. Ash, however can't get into this whole thing until I have one of those 7 month bellies. He has trouble remembering I am pregnant, because currently it just looks like I put on a few pounds. Which I haven't, by the way. I want to, I am supposed to, but the scale still says the same thing it did 8 weeks ago. I think he is just seeing my gas baby belly.

Which, fellow work employees...is not where the baby is! You are talking to food and gas when you crouch down and talk to my swollen tummy. Just an FYI.
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  1. WOOT!!!!!! 8 days!! :) hopefully you'll get some more energy in your 4th or 5th month and then when your belly starts getting big you might get tired easily again :)