Sunday, August 2, 2009

Spending my time paranoid.

Speaking of that cramping.

I got a wee bit of a shoulder pain on the way home and nearly died of a panic attack.
Cramps and shoulder pain equal eptopic...right? My doctor seems to think all is well, but dr google still riddles the brain with what ifs.

All google readings indicate that the pain should worsen. My cramps have stayed the same since day one, and the shoulder tip pain only lasted a few minutes.

I wish I was able to relate to someone who hasn't experienced the full borage of symptoms but has experienced the things I have... so I can know it's just not me... And that a live baby can come out of all of this.

God I'm paranoid.
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  1. Ask for an ultrasound just to ease your mind. However, I think it is maybe too late for an ectopic pregnancy. If you are at the same place I am the baby should be the size of a blueberry.

  2. Yeah we are within a day or two as of dating just by my LMP. I have an ultrasound sched for Monday. It just all seems a little crazy I know, just too much information available to me.