Saturday, August 29, 2009

Like a daily hangover

Without all of the fun stories the next day. This past few days, I have felt like throwing up but haven't. Felt totally thirsty but if I drink too much water in the am then I really feel like I am going to hurl. All that "I think I lucked out and missed it" crap is haunting me.

The cat is becoming old news around here. She is now peeing in our dryer if ash leaves it open and peed on her chair with my quilt on it. There shouldn't be any reason she is doing this. She is driving me nuts. We are doing everything right. And if she ever peed on my kids stuff, I would be wearing cat slippers in about two seconds. Craigslist seems to be overrun with adult cats available so the hope is all lost in finding a home for her that she could thrive in instead of hate. What To do. What to do.

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