Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pregnant stress

Went to a motherhood store and started getting a little stressed at the realness of it all. Thankfully I dont need anything for another month of two and i was able to find cute things I would actually wear.

We stopped by a baby depot (like a Ross) and I think I found the diaper bag of my dreams. I am not a baby looney tunes or Winnie kind of gal. If they made a harajuku bag with enough pockets I would just use that....but this one is sweet. I love Paul frank. And the inside is super cute.

It's 50 bucks. But I want it. Bad.

I will probably go back this weekend and just buy it. I don't want to lose out on it as there stock changes and I haven't seen it there before. (last there in may).

I am also hungry. As I post this, food network is tempting me into learning how to deep fry pickles. Seriously, don't those sound amazing. I should be getting ready for my first preg photo shoot. It's in a few hours. I am supposed to bring a few outfits, but I just want a few pictures of me in tank tops, my one pair of jeans that fit, and my converse. Hopefully the guy doesn't get too far from that. It's all I have that fits now as I am too small bellied for a maternity shirt and too big for my normal cute clothes.

Ahhh the stress of it all.
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  1. :) i hope the photo shoot goes well!

  2. I love this diaper bag. Paul Frank is awesome. Good luck with the photo shoot!