Monday, July 20, 2009

No news here.

Still cramping (and damned near freaked out about it constantly) and still not "feeling" pregnant.

I wish I had nausea or an ultrasound to help me curb this "isn't happening" feeling. So far the only sign I have experienced is tighter pants, which could be explained by my actually eating throughout the day instead of a one meal plan I was on prior. Not that I was actually trying to only eat one meal, it's just I was never hungry. Now. I get hungrrrrry.

There is so much to do around here, I wanted to get the house the way I wanted it before we got pregnant but I never would get around to doing any of it. There are walls to paint, furniture to buy, and stuff up on the walls (I know these are not requirements for a baby, but I know we'll never do any of it after).

After my trip this weekend to visit my new nephew, the one born last month, I think I will actually start to work on this whole "life changing in 8 months" countdown.

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  1. :) Can't wait for your appt!! lol, my first trimester all i did was sleep.

  2. I would like to check in to a sleeping and eating hotel. No pool. No sights. Just bed and room service. Freakishly, as hungry as I am I have lost two pounds.