Saturday, July 18, 2009

Damned blogger app

I've written 5 other posts this week that you never saw. In my app they all look great but if I didn't save and then view the blog to make sure it posted, good chances it didn't. Oh course these blog post took forever to write so here's the briefing cause I'm too pissed to rewrite them all!

- new appt - yahhhh! First ultrasound is on august 10th now! I am super excited!
- first wave of nausea - looking at a jello shot.
- only real symptoms - boobs and peeing, oh and some crazy lightning bolts of pain down my back.
- already need a belly band - my pants are starting to have that "these are seriously a size too small" look.
- wishing I could get rid of my cat, she is driving me crazy and the shear amount of animal hair in the house is giving me the hibbie jibbies.

-- Post From My iPhone

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